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Q: What are the two enzymes involved in the metabolism of alcohol?
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How does the liver metabolize drugs?

Generally speaking, liver has two main types of enzyme which participate in a drug metabolism they are 1. microsomal enzymes. 2. non microsomal enzyme these two enzyme family involved in drug metabolism and participate in metabolism of drug

What eliminates alcohol from the body?

Alcohol is broken down by 2 enzymes, the first is alcohol dehydrogenase and the second is aldehyde dehydrogenase. These two enzymes convert alcohol into carboxylic acids which can be removed in the urine.

Which enzymes are involved in Dna replication?

Two of the enzymes involved in DNA replication are helicase and DNA polymerase. Helicase unwinds the DNA strand and DNA polymerase makes a copy.

What enzymes are involved in cellular respiration?

The two main enzymes that help catalyze Cellular Respiration are: Dehydrogenase - An enzyme that catalyzes a chemical reaction during which one or more hydrogens atoms are removed from a molecule NAD+ - Nicotinamide Adenie Dinucleotide - Coenzyme that can accept electrons during the redox reactions of cellular metabolism

What two enzymes are involved in DNA replication?

More than two enzymes are involved, but the main ones are DNA Polymerases (Pol III and Pol I in Prokaryotes, Pol α, Pol δ and Pol ε in Eukaryotes).In vitro you can achieve replication with only taq polymerase and two primers.

What is the two kind of metabolism?

Low metabolism and high metabolism.

What are 2 organic compounds that act as enzymes?

Two organic compounds that act as enzymes are maltase and amylase. Amylase is involved in the breakdown of starch into disaccharides and trisaccharides, which are then broken down into glucose by other enzymes. Maltase is involved in the breakdown of the disaccharide maltose, a disaccharide formed when starch is broken down.

What are the two types of metabolism?

Anabolism and catabolism are the two types of metabolism.

What are the two components of metabolism?

Metabolism can be divided into two parts: anabolism and catabolism.

What do macronucleus and micronucleus do?

The macronucleus is the larger of the two nuclei and they help with cell metabolism and protein synthesis. Micronucleus is smaller and involved the reproduction.

In metabolism two basic processes occur Which process is involved in breaking down nutrients?

In metabolism, the catabolic process involves breaking down nutrients. More specifically, the Krebs Cycle breaks down the nutrients.

Can you get drunk after just one or two drinks?

If you seldom drink alcohol and depending on what alcohol you are drinking and your metabolism, you could feel the effects after just one or two drinks. You most likely won't be totally drunk, but your reasoning and logic could be impaired.

Metabolism can be categorized in what phases?

Catabolism and Anabolism are the two phases or Metabolism.

What is the name of the two enzymes that help in the duplication of DNA?

More than two enzymes are involved. However, the main ones are DNA Polymerase I and DNA Polymerase III. DNA Polymerase III adds new nucleotides and DNA Polymerase I removes primers.

Do women have less enzymes in their stomach to break down alcohol?

Yes, they do. Research has shown that the minimal amount of alcohol necessary to produce cirrhosis in the liver in women is two to three times less than in men. Scientists have found that the way the stomach breaks down alcohol before it enters the bloodstream may be a major factor. Enzymes in the stomach act to break down a proportion of the alcohol taken in by a person. This system is designed to prevent an excessive rise in blood alcohol levels. However, these enzymes are less active in women than in men. This means that a greater proportion of alcohol is likely to end up in their bloodstream.

What are the two types of metabolism in the human body?

Two types of metabolism in the human body are anabolic and aerobic metabolism. One requires oxygen (aerobic) and one does not (anabolic).

How long will two shots of alcohol show up on a lab test?

Alcohol could show up in your system up to 3 months, on a lab test. Depending on the weight of the person consuming the alcohol, their metabolism, the amount of physical activity the do on a daily basis and a few other factors, alcohol could be easily detected.

What two things cause enzymes to malfunction?

Enzymes can be denatured by heat or acidity

What are the enzymes found in human tears?

Lysozyme and ptialin are the two enzymes in the tears.

What are the two kinds of metabolism?

anabolism and catabolism

What is two categories of metabolism?

anabolic and catabolic

What are the names of two organelles that contain enzymes and their functions?

Two organelles that contain enzymes and their functions are: Mitochondria - produce energy for the cells Lysosomes - break down enzymes in the cells

What are the two enzymes found in the stomach and the 2 enzymes found in the small intestine?


What are the two glycolytic intermediates that directly link glucose metabolism to the metabolism of triglycerides and thereby link carbohydrate to fat metabolism?

phosphoglyceraldehyde and acetyl CoA

What two types of enzymes exist in fat cells?

Fat cells, also known as adipocytes, have two types of enzymes, both of which are affected by insulin. The names of these two enzymes are pyruvate dehydrogenase and acetyl-CoA carboxylase.