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The two essential pieces of equipment needed in order to play Basketball are a basketball and a hoop. Those are the only pieces you need to play- of course, there are more that you can have. Those include jerseys, a basketball court, the three point and free throw line, and the shot clock.

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What are the two essential pieces of clothing needed in order to play basketball?

Shorts and Shirts (if you're shirts on a shirts and skins team).

What are the major pieces or equipment needed in a game of basketball?

It is really Prety simple, all u need is a good basketball, inflated to about 11psi, a basketball hoop, optional, a sick pair of kicks and a Lebron swag

What is the essental equipment needed to travel overseas?

One of the most essential pieces of equipment needed for overseas travel is an electrical adapter. There is such a variety of electrical systems throughout the world that without an adapter, it will be difficult to satisfy all of your electrical needs.

What equipment is essential for rock climbing?

Due to the dangerous nature of rock climbing there are several pieces of equipment that are essential. The first piece of equipment would be climbing shoes followed by a quality harness and rope. The type of climbing being done will dictate any other specialized pieces of gear.

What basic pieces of equipment are needed to get started in archery?

a arrow and bow:)

What is the equipment needed to play chess?

Chess pieces and a board, and when you get good, a timer.

Equipment for baseball?

There are not many pieces of equipment that are needed to play baseball such as a glove. You will also need a bat to play baseball.

What equipment is needed to play street soccer?

There are not many pieces of equipment that is needed to play street soccer. All that is needed is a ball, space to play and people to play with. Goals are nice but there can be homemade ones.

What is the length of the cable that attaches a Mission Essential Power source to other pieces of electrical distribution equipment?

25 feet

What are common janitorial equipment pieces?

Some janitorial equipment pieces would be trash can, trash bags, mops, mop buckets, cleaning products (such as windex for windows) and gloves. The gloves are essential because they would also keep you clean as you are working.

Which wire is black and which wire is red when they are not marked?

Color coding is different for different pieces of equipment. More information is needed.

What pieces of equipment are required in the front of the store of a Subway Restaurant?

what pieces of equipment are part of the sandwich unit

Equipment needed for football?

mouth pieces, helmet w/ pads, pants w/ pads, shoulder pads, jersey, and cleats

What equipment is needed for a manual weather station?

You need several pieces of equipment to build a manual weather station. You will need a barometer, thermometer, barograph, hygrometer, rain gauge and humidity station.

Pieces are to puzzle as notes are to?

Pieces are to a puzzle as notes are to music. Each are essential to completing the whole.

Do you use equipment with singular or plural verb?

Since equipment is uncountable, it would take a singular verb. Equipment "is," but pieces of equipment "are."

What exactly is a caterpillar D2 used for in construction?

The Caterpillar D2 is a bulldozer with a front end loader attachment. These pieces of equipment are essential for grading a building site. They can also help with tree removal.

How much energy is lost as heat at every energy tranfor?

That depends on the process. Different processes, and different machines and pieces of equipment, have different efficiencies.That depends on the process. Different processes, and different machines and pieces of equipment, have different efficiencies.That depends on the process. Different processes, and different machines and pieces of equipment, have different efficiencies.That depends on the process. Different processes, and different machines and pieces of equipment, have different efficiencies.

What is a 'cup and ball'?

A cup and ball are the two pieces of equipment needed to play KoppBall, a fast, exiting sport controlled by the international KoppBall Association, or IKBA.

What are the names of some pieces of sports equipment that start with the letter J?

Javelin, jockstrap and jump rope are pieces of sports equipment. They begin with the letter J.

What pieces of equipment did Isaac newton use?

His brain!!!!

Required Basketball Equipment?

One of the most popular sports in the world is basketball and many of the world's most famous athletes are current and former basketball players. Because of this, it is no surprise that many children want to play basketball on a regular basis. Since basketball is a great sport that emphasizes teamwork and physical fitness, most people would try to encourage their kids to play basketball. If you are looking to encourage your kids to play basketball, there are several pieces of basketball equipment that you should purchase for your home.One piece of basketball equipment that will be needed for your home is a basketball hoop A basketball hoop is an ideal piece of equipment to have at home as it will allow you kids to play pickup basketball games whenever they want and encourage them to practice at all times. While it may seem that a basketball hoop would take up too much space for many homes, there are many different types of hoops that can be purchased. Some of the most popular hoops are permanent structures that are installed directly into a hole in the ground. Others are easily taken apart and stored if you are working with limited space.When looking to get some basketball equipment you will also need to get a ball for your kids to play with. Basketballs tend to come in a variety of different sizes, each of which are used by a different age group. When selecting a ball for your kids, it would be best to get a ball that is equal to the size that they would be using during their season. Along with the ball you will need to purchase an air pump which will allow you to ensure that the ball stays inflated.You will also need to get the right apparel for your kids if you want them to play effectively. The most important piece of basketball equipment are their shoes. While basketball shoes can range widely in price, you are normally only paying for the brand. When choosing a pair just be sure that it is designed for the sport and that it provides the kid with plenty of ankle support.

What is plural for equipaje in spanish?

Just like english, equipment is already a word that descibes multiple pieces. Equipaje is the same, it already means multiple pieces of equipment, so there is no plural.

What are some essential fitness equipment to have in a home gym?

The most basic home gym should include a workout mat at the very least. A soft surface to exercise on is essential for any gym. Next, a bench and a set of free weights along with a pull-up bar would round out a good setup. With these few pieces of equipment a person could do 75% of the exercises that a professional gym would have.

What equipment do scientists use?

There are many pieces of equipment that scientists use such as microscopes. Scientists will also use chemical equipment like flasks or Bunsen burners.