What are the two kinds of alpacas?


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Two kinds of alpacas are the Huacaya Alpaca and the Suri Alpaca


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Yes, there are different kinds of alpacas. Two kinds are Huacaya Alpacas and Suri Alpacas

Two nicknames I always use for my alpacas are paca or packs

Yes, alpacas are in the camelid family. Alpacas share this family with camels and llamas also. Alpacas have a split lip, two toes, and no upper teeth, which perhaps qualifies them to be in the camelid classification.

Some collective nouns for alpacas are an inflation of alpacas, others are a flock or a herd of alpacas.

No, Alpacas have spines.

Yes, Alpacas are in the camelid family, camels, llamas, vicuna and alpacas

Adult alpacas are called Alpacas. the don't change with age, breed etc.

Alpacas have exceptional eyesight.

Alpacas originate from South America

Alpacas are not harmfull. They are very gentle

No, alpacas are herd animals and must be kept with at least one other alpaca, preferably at least two other alpacas, in order to be healthy & happy. If kept alone, they can develop behavior problems and go a bit crazy.

yes, the number of alpacas in the world is decreasing

Cloth is made from the wool of alpacas.

If you really love alpacas, they are.

Alpacas are native to South America

Alpacas doesn't live in Romania.

There are no wild alpacas today.

Alpacas are domesticated and at no risk of going extinct.

In some countries, alpacas are considered livestock for their fur, but in other countries, alpacas are not considered livestock.

Yes dogs are better pets than alpacas because they are a ton easier to take care of than alpacas! They also are not as tall and spitty as alpacas)

There are many places where you can find alpacas for sale. One may purchase alpacas from online retailers such as Alpaca Nation or Alpaca Farms who deal directly in the sale of alpacas.

Alpacas were bred that way. It is just the way the breed is.

Alpacas are placental mammals and produce live young.

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