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The 2 Main muscles are: (1.) Gastrocnemius is the muscle on the back of your calf, as well as the (2.) soleus muscle which lies under the gastrocnemius muscle. (The tibalis anterior and peroneus longus are also calf muscles.)

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What are the name of the two muscles located in the calf?

There are many muscles in a human calf. The gastrocnemius is the big one.

What is a part of your calf that's fleshy?

Flesh usually refers to muscle so the main muscles that make up your calf are the gastrocnemius and the soleus muscles.

What is the smaller of the two calf muscles?

peroneus brevis

What is the definition of calf?

A calf is the singular form for calves, which are young cows or the young of some similar animal. Everyone has two calf muscles as they are the muscles behind your shin bones.

What two muscles make up the calf?

the adductors & abductors

What muscles does a calf raiser work?

your calf. A calf raiser works the calf muscle. A calf its really made up of three different muscles: the gastrocnemius, the plantaris, and the soleus.

What muscles make you jump?

The muscles in your leg and I hope you jump are your calf muscles. You can strengthen your calf muscles by jumping over and over again.

What muscles are involved in walking on your toes?

Two muscles involved in walking on the toes are: gastrocnemius and Soleus (calf) muscle

Which muscles invert the ankle?

Calf muscles.

What are the main muscles in your leg?

your quadriceps and your hamstrings are the two main muscles in your legs.

What muscles do you use when you jump?

Calf and Quadriceps muscles

What muscles make up the calf muscles?


What is the name of the muscle that is located in the calf?

The calf muscles are the gastrocnemius and the soleus.

What can be the cause of pain in your calf muscles and hip muscles?


What muscle shares the name of a young hippo?

A young hippo is a calf, and the muscles on the back of the lower leg are the calf muscles.

Where can one find a list of muscles on a calf?

There are many different muscles in the calf. A good place to start would be Wikipedia. The calf muscles are scientifically known as the triceps surae muscles. It would be more helpful to search for the scientific name as opposed to the common name.

Where is the gastrocnemia?

They're the calf muscles!

Why are calf muscles stronger in men than women?

calf muscles are stronger in men than women is because they have reps!!1

How do you get rid of calf muscle?

People don't usually get rid of their calf muscles.

What is the scientific name for calf?

Your calf is composed of the soleus and gastrocnemius muscles.

What muscles are used when punting a football?

most importantly your calf muscles

What is the chief muscle of the calf of the leg called?

You have the gastrocnemeus and soleus muscles in the calf.Gastrocnemius

What are the 2 main groups of muscles?

The two main groups of muscles are voluntary and involuntay its ace init yo

What muscles are used in the calf raise?


What is the scientific name for your calf muscles?

The Gastrocnemius