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What are the two major classification of literature?


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Fiction & Nonfiction.

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The two general classifications of literature are prose and poetry.

The two general classifications of literature are prose and poetry.

Most works of literature can be grouped into either fiction or non-fiction.

What are the two major historical and cultural forces that shaped American Literature?

The two major divisions are prose and poetry.

There are far more than two genres, or categories, of literature. Perhaps you are thinking of the two major classifications of literature, fiction and non-fiction.

Two major divisions of literature are fiction and non-fiction. Fiction is a type of literature which tells a story that is not real or no basis on reality. Non-fiction literature recounts factual events in an aesthetic fashion.

There are two. Contact Froces and Action-at-a-distance Forces.

Classification of literature according to form includes subject, predicate, clauses introduced by conjunctions and so forth. You find these classification by analyzing the sentence.

literature is generally classified as fiction or non-fiction.

the odyssey and the iliad are two major pieces of greek literature

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Domain , kingdom and phylum are major levels of classification .

The two major classification schemes used in the United States are the Dewey Decimal Classification System, used in most public libraries; and the Library of Congress Classification, used in most academic libraries.

There are 3. Solid Liquid and Gas. And Plasma if you want to get technical

Another genre (distinctive type of writing in literature) is the short story.

The major books or literature for Hinduism is divided into two categories the Smriti and the Shruti. The Smriti refers to that which has been remembered while the Shruti refers to that one which has been heard.

what are the two branches of literature

A major character in literature is character that plays a large role in the story, but is not the main character.

Joints has two major classification which are the Structural and Functional type. The free and movable joints are under the functional category which is called Diarthrosis.

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