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Q: What are the two major types of poison gas?
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What two inventions changed war in World War 1?

The Poison gas and the airlifts

How can Vomiting Gas kill?

Vomiting gas was developed by the Japanese during World War Two. It contained arsenic which is a poison.

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The two types that are super effective to psychic are fighting and poison.

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gas and diesel

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Types of birds Types of primates

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minor or major

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gas and solids

Who used the poison gas?

The nazi's did not use poison gas that was the German Republic or Weimar Republic during world war one nazi's were a political "group" [party] made by peopl who for all we know they could've been best friends with himlar nazi's were behind world war two

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In Generation 1 (Red, Blue, Yellow) Bug is super-effective against Poison, and Poison is super-effective against Bug. Weedle Kakuna Beedrill Venonat Venomoth

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There are 3 types: gas, liquid and solid.

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