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What are the two most common nuclear fuels?


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  • in reactors: yellowcake, a uranium oxide; after that probably metallic uranium
  • in stars: ordinary hydrogen; after that helium
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We most often see uranium-235 and plutonium-239 used as nuclear fuels.

The possibility of thermal runaway and the disposal of the radioactive waste are the two major problems with nuclear.

nuclear energy and burning fossil fuels to push turbines that make electricity. ************************************************* the two main sources are burning lots of fossil fuels and nuclear energy

There are: Hydro electric, Nuclear, Solar, Wind, and Fossil fuels, Geo- thermal and Biofuels.Hydro electric has two categories : Tidal and Wave

The other nuclear fuel besides uranium is plutonium. There might be a way to use a couple of others, but we stick with these two "basic" nuclear fuels.

Fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas) and nuclear fuel (uranium)

less danger of explosion and less dangerous waste

Two uses of uranium are very important:- nuclear fuel for nuclear reactors- explosive for nuclear weapons

It is the only sustainable energy that we have. There are only two valid sources of any energy, fossil fuels and nuclear. With less then a 1000 years of oil left, we know fossil fuels will end. Nuclear is also much cleaner. Those that do not understand climate and CO2 also worry about CO2 emissions. The only fuel that produces zero CO2 is nuclear.Most countries have determined that nuclear is a valid source of power. France brags about how green they are. This is because they are over 90% nuclear.

Nuclear fuels are usually made of one of the two following components: Uranium 235 or Plutonium. Uranium needs to be refined (throw away U238 in order to obtain solely U235) before being used in bombs or generators.

A nuclear family (two parents plus their children) is still a family; it's just not the most common family arrangement in the United States any more.

Two examples are: plutonium 238 and strontium 90, sources of heat and electricity.And uranium, thorium and plutonium isotopes are used as nuclear fuels in nuclear reactors.

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uranium and plutonium are the two most commonly used fuels in nuclear power plants. when i first looked it up using this site, it completely failed. after finding my answer on Wikipedia i came back here to enrich the site's knowledge and help others

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A) Possibility of a meltdown B) What do we do with nuclear waste?

Power plants that burn fossil fuels and nuclear power plants are very similar in their manner of creating steam. The main difference between the two types of power plants are that fossil fuel plants emit more pollution.

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The two most common elements in the sun are: Hydrogen and Helium.

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The two most common elements in the oceans are oxygen and hydrogen.

There are many different nuclear materials. Uranium and plutonium are the two most used.

Two common sources of nuclear energy are the fusion reaction in the Sun, and the fission reaction in various nuclear power plants. Both release binding energy (Strong Atomic Force) which manifests, primarily, as heat.

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