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The two types of cell trnsport it Passive Transport and Active Transport. Active Transport does require energy to move into and out of the cell. Passive Transport doesn't require energy to move into and out of the cell.

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Endocytosis moves into cell Exocytosis moves out of cells ...

The Golgi complex is the organ located in cells that packages proteins and other materials and ships them throughout the cell.

Cell transport requires cells to use energy in order to transport larger molecules. Cells get needed materials from this process.

It is more efficient to be a smaller cell, becaue smaller cells can past the cell wall.

Diffusion is the process responsible for the transport of materials in and out of the cell.

The golgi bodies regulate the transport of materials in and out of the cell.

The fluid that is located in plant and animal cells is called cytoplasm. Cytoplasm helps to transport materials around the cell.

It doesn't! it just lets some materials that are useful for the cells into the membrane and others out, through diffusion.

exocytosis which is when cells absorb materials from outside the cell by engulfing it with their cell membrane

The Endoplasmic Reticulum acts as a transport mechanism in cells, to "import" and "export" things such as proteins from the cell to other parts of the body.

Yes. A vesicle can be used to transport in many types of cells.

Through active transport and diffusion cells can excrete waste products and obtain materials they need through the cell membrane :)

Active transport is when cells use energy to move things through a cell membrane.Passive transport is when the cell uses no energy to move materials.Active - Specifically uses energy and through a cell membranePassive - Specifically uses no energy and materials

The cell membrane's job is to get essential material into the cell. (water, ect.) Also, to prevent viruses from entering the cell. To prevent wanted materials of the cell from escaping. Mostly to transport materials in and out of the cell.

They take a car and the materials in the cell

Every single cell on this Earth has cytoplasm. Without cytoplasm cells would not be able to transport vital materials.

The function of the "Endormembrane" system is to transport materials throughout the cell.Update : not specific

The three types of cell membrane transport are simple diffusion, vesicular transport, and protein-mediated transport.

There are two different types of transport in which materials enter and exit a cell.Active TransportIon pumps - push molecules in and out of the cell against the concentration gradientEndocytosis - the cell membrane forms an envelope around the material and the material enters the cellExocytosis - the opposite of endocytosis, where materials exit the cell. This most frequently occurs in secretory cells (e.g. to create saliva, sweat, proteins, chemicals)Pinocytosis - is exocytosis, but where liquids are taken in to the cellPassive TransportDiffusion - gases diffuse across the membrane with the concentration gradientOsmosis - diffusion of water across the membrane with the concentration gradientFacilitated diffusion - diffusion, but the rate is increasedPassive transport requires no energy expenditure by the cell. Active transport does, and is why cells make energy.I hope this helps :)

Materials exit a cell by active transport by passing through the cell membrane. The membrane is usually semi-permeable which makes it easy to release materials.

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