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the other one is intersection


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the ways in naming a set are: roster method, rule method and set builders

rosting method rule method set-builder rotation

=See the section in this article about that topic.

what are the two method naming sets

Chemical Formula Stock naming Classical naming

The 3 ways in naming an angle are..... 1.3points method 2.vertex method 3.Number method

If you mean ways of naming angles then they are: acute, right, obtuse and reflex

Degrees, radians, or polar coordinates. (3 ways)

the naming part of the sentence is the ¨noun¨ who makes the action. I walk to the metro. ¨I¨ is the naming part they are going to eat at the restarurant. ´they¨are the enmaing part ¨two pals¨ is the naming part

* acute * obtuse * right * complimentary * congruent

Roster Method, for example {1, 2, 3, 4,5, 6} Set builder, for example {x:x is an element of Natural numbers, x

poster method,set builder,descriptive

One way is with curly brackets, for instance {3,4,5,6,7,8}. Another way to name this set would be {(x is a natural number)intersection(3<=x<=8)}

Do you mean child? In Christianity, there is was is called baby dedication. It is not so much the celebration of the naming of your child, but promising to the Lord and the church that you will raise your child in the Christian ways. There is no celebration of the actual naming.

The first naming system worked through a process of naming system called binomial nomenclature.It has two parts :GENUSSPECIES

Binomial nomenclature is the system of naming species using a unique two-word name.

Justing bieber.........i am just kidding aristotle came up with a two part naming system

what are two part of cieculation system

There are no set rules in naming binary molecular compounds. However, often an alphabetical order is required to sequence the data.

We can't answer that unless you tell us what two ways were shown.

The science of naming living organisms is called Taxonomy. The two-word system is called binomial nomenclature

name with a uppercase letterbracesfor example, E = {2,4,6,8}

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