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dell tosiba


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Q: What are the types of computers?
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What is types of computer?

There are a variety of types of computers. These include Macintosh computers, and IBM computers. Both of those types of computers come in laptops and desktop.

Pictures of different types of computers?

computers of types different of pictures ?

Different types of computer?

There are primarily two different types of computers; Desktop computers, and Laptop/Notebook computers.

Six types of computers?

There are six different types of computers in the world such as the microprocessor. Another type of computer is the personal computers

What are the three types of computers?

There are lots of types of computers:analog computersdigital computershybrid computersMainframeMiniMicroSystem on a chipBusinessScientificGeneral purposeSupercomputerEmbedded

What are 3 types of computers?

There are more than three types of computers. They can be cellphones, cars, even entire buildings.But the 3 main types of computers are: Cell Phones, Laptops and the PC itself.

What are 4 types of personal computers?

4 types of personal computers1 desktop computer2 laptop

Three types of personal computers?

4 types of personal computers1 desktop computer2 laptop

Three different types of computers?

analog, digital and hybrid computers

Three types of computer?

Mainframes, Mini-computers and Micro-computers.

Why controllers are not used in computers?

There are many types of controllers used in computers.

What are the two types of computers?

I'm not sure what you mean, as I understand it there are many types of computers but you could break it down into mainframe and person computers but that's a large generalisation.

4 types of digital computers?

types of digital comters

What are the four types of computers?

Servers and workstations, including supercomputers Personal computers Laptop computers Notebook computers and pad devices

What are the 6 types of computers?


How many types computers do we have in the?


5 types of computers?

supercomputers, mainframe computers, workstations, microcomputers and microcontrollers

What is the two main types of the computer?

There are more than 2 types of computers,but we can say that the major types of computers are personel computers,which includes the desktop,laptop,pocket PC etc:and super computers.The other types are main frame computers,mini computers,nettops & SO ON.......... I think I know what you mean: the two Main types are PC (use Windows as the OS) and Mac (use OS producted by Apple.Inc) PC & Mac

What are the six basic types of computers?

Six basic categories of computers: - Embedded computers - Mobile devices - Personal computers - Midrange servers - Mainframe computers - Supercomputers

What three terms describe different types of computers?

The three terms that describe different types of computers are size use processor speed.

Which types of computers depends on continuous variation in certain physical qualities?

which types of computers depend on physical continuous variation in certain physiclqualities

What are the seven categories of computers?

Based on the size and use, computers can be categorized into seven types. They are embedded computers, super computers, main frame computers, servers, game consoles, mobile computers and personal computers.

Types of computer?

Analog computers.Digital computers.Hybrid computers (part analog, part digital)Mechanical computers.Electromechanical computers (e.g. Harvard Mark I, Zuse Z-3)Vacuum tube electronic computers.Transistorized electronic computers.Integrated circuit (IC) electronic computers.Microprocessor IC electronic computers.Business computers.Scientific computers.General purpose computers.Supercomputers.Mainframe computers.Minicomputers.Microcomputers.Embedded computers.Would you like more types?

What is a description of the types of computers?

ComputersTypes | UsesPersonal computer / laptop ------ Home and office applicationsServer -------------------------------- Commercial use and data storageSuper computers -------------------- Military and weather forcasting

What type of computers are there?

Computers are simply electronics that have the ability to process code, or, run programs. Meaning that computers are room-filling supercomputers and your desktop calculator. Some are much less powerful and versatile than others, but all are computers. There is an indefinite number of types of computers, since new types are being created and old types become obsolete everyday.