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Servers, routers and desktops

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Q: What are the types of computers according to purpose?
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What are the types of computer according to function?

The earlier machines were using the hardwired mechanism to control the function of processes of the computer. Discuss the components of the Von Neumann Architecture that moved the functions of the computers from Special purpose machine to universal (General) machine.

Classes of computers?

what are the different classifications of computers according to their purpose?

What are the advantages of special purpose computers?

Special purpose computers are generally faster and more efficient at certain types of operations than normal computers.

Classifications of computers according to purpose?


What is the classification of computer based on purpose?

Computers can be classified in 2 ways according to purpose. They are,1) General Purpose Computers (For normal day to day usage)2) Specific Purpose Computers (Computers built for a specific task)

What are the types of computers not according to size purpose type generation?

ComputersTypes | UsesPersonal computer* / laptop ------ Home and office applicationsServer -------------------------------- Commercial use and data storageSuper computers -------------------- Military use and weather forcasting*personal computers in a network are also know as "workstations"

What are the three types of computers?

There are lots of types of computers:analog computersdigital computershybrid computersMainframeMiniMicroSystem on a chipBusinessScientificGeneral purposeSupercomputerEmbedded

What is the Classification of computer by purpose?

Computers are classified according to purpose they are designed for.Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Mainframes, Super Computers etc.

What are the types of hybrid computers?

there are three types of hybrid computer 1. large electronic 2. general purpose 3. special purpose

Types of speech according to purpose?

There are four basic types of speeches, according to purpose. These include informative, demonstrative, persuasive, and entertaining types of speeches.

Classification of computers according to process?

Computers are designed according to the data they are supposed to process. In this regard there are three types of computers Analogue, Digital and Hybrid.

Types of computer according to their purpose?

the General Purpose Computer and The Dedicated Purpose Computer

What are the 4 types of speech according to purpose?

The 4 types of speech according to purpose are:informative speechespersuasive speechesspeeches to entertainspeeches to actuate

What are the types of computers according to size and power?

Computers are classified by size and processing power. It is impossible to list all the computers according to size and power. Computers can be built to needs of the users with size and power customized.

Difference between Special purpose and general purpose computers?

Special purpose computers are designed to do specific kinds of jobs. A TV, a washing machine, an iPod etc. are all forms of computers, but they have only a small range of things that they can do, and are designed specifically to do them. A PC or a Mac and other types of computers, can do a huge amount of things. They can be used by different people for completely different kinds of jobs. They are general purpose computers.

What is the classification by purpose of the computer?

Computers can be classified into general purpose and special purpose computers. General purpose computers can be applied to a variety of tasks while special purpose computers are molded to suit a particular task.

What are the types of computers according to applications?

ComputersTypes | UsesPersonal computer / laptop ------ Home and office UsageServer -------------------------------- Commercial use and data storageSuper computers -------------------- Military and weather forcasting

What is general purpose computer system?

Based on utility,the computers have been classified inti 3 types. One among those types is General purpose computer,which is used for general purpose(all purposes) by the user.

Types of reading according to purpose?

The types of reading according to purpose are: Skimming Scanning Intensive/Functional Reading Extensive/Recreational Reading Literature Reading Detail Study Reading

Types of computer?

Analog computers.Digital computers.Hybrid computers (part analog, part digital)Mechanical computers.Electromechanical computers (e.g. Harvard Mark I, Zuse Z-3)Vacuum tube electronic computers.Transistorized electronic computers.Integrated circuit (IC) electronic computers.Microprocessor IC electronic computers.Business computers.Scientific computers.General purpose computers.Supercomputers.Mainframe computers.Minicomputers.Microcomputers.Embedded computers.Would you like more types?

What is types of computer?

There are a variety of types of computers. These include Macintosh computers, and IBM computers. Both of those types of computers come in laptops and desktop.

What are computers and name some types of computers?

Computers are device by which we can play games, watch movie, chat, work, etc. It is very useful to human beings as we made It for our own purpose.Some types of computers are :-1) Micro computers2) Mini computers3) Super Computers4) Laptop (not exactly computer but is seems like and works like )Thanks You for your Question!

What are the two types of computer according to classification according to purpose?

1.Special purpose computer General Purpose Computer

Pictures of different types of computers?

computers of types different of pictures ?

What are the 3 types of social research?

there are three types of social research. 1) According methods/ purpose. 2) According to use. 3) According to series time.