What are the types of computers and computer systems?

If you in this case thinks of the computers of what kinds, there exists numerous computers, designed for their specific purposes:

Server computers, used for maintaining and running a website, game server, company server or something else.

Home computer, the computer you probably write from.

Laptop, the mobile Home computer.

Netbook, a very small home computer, which main purpose is to write notes, and go on the internet.

Media center, just like a Home computer, but with the ability to link up with a TV-signal, and record live TV directly on the hard drive.

If you in the other case thinks of what kind of home computers there is, its normally most like:

Office computer, the standard cheap computer used for nothing else but doing some text work, and internet searching.

The allrounder, is a computer used for watching movies, playing games, going on the internet, and so on, without being a High end computer.

Gamer, or a High end computer, is a computer designed for playing games in HD, with outstanding graphics, or for editing movies, music, or creating "heavy" programs.

Designer computers, the really High End computers, and the best home computers on the market, next to servers, used to create the outstanding graphically games, and software.

If you on think of what kinds of operating systems there are, Like Windows there is the following:

Windows 95

Windows 98

Windows 2000/ME

Windows XP

Windows Project Longhorn (later renamed as Vista)

Windows 7

Next to all the Windows editions for home computers there is Windows Server Operation systems too.

The second most known Operation system next to Windows is:

Mac OS X (and/or earlier versions)

And the Third most know Operation system is:

Linux (This is a very wide word for a Operation system, since Linux is not only one or ten different free operation systems, but more like a thousand)

Linux Ubuntu is one of them.