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types of constitutional in Nigeria.

merit and demerit of constitutional in nigeria.

how many local government do we have in nigeria.

list out 5 reason that proves that you are a nigeria.

is nigeria federal system is a real federal system of goods.

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Nigeria is a federal constitutional republic.

discuss the constitutional development in nigeria from 1922 to date

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There are two main types of courts in Nigeria, there are the inferior and the superior courts.

Yes. Nigeria has a president. Nigeria is a federal constitutional republic.Yes Nigeria does hav a president, his name is Good Luck Jonathan. and he became president last year.

No. For now nigeria does not have a specialized constitutional court. Every court of record starting from d state high courts to the supreme court in abuja can hear matters bordering on constitutionality.

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Officially called as the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Nigeria is a federal constitutional republic divided into 36 states. It is the most populous African...

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Canada is a constitutional monarchy. The head of government and the head of state are two different people. Is that how things are in Nigeria?

Nigeria got her independence through a constitutional process. The constitution was legislated by the British government which led to the independence on October 1, 1960.

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written and unwritten constitution

The various types of constitution in Nigeria are: 1. Written 2.Unwritten 3. Clifford 4. Regid and 5. Parliamentary Constitution

Constitutional and Dictatorship.

Which court are constitutional matters between the central authority and the state government arbitrated in nigeria

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People in Nigeria eat numerous types of food. Some of the most popular foods in the country are fried plantains, egusi soup, and jollof rice.

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The women of Nigeria wear many of the same types of clothes that are worn in other parts of the world. Women in Nigeria who enjoy dressing traditionally may wear colorful long dresses and head wraps.

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