What are the types of elves found in 'The Lord of the Rings'?

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To fully understand the divisions of the elves, read The Silmarillion. In the Lord of the Rings, the following types of elves are mentioned. The Noldor Known in LotR as the "High Elves," these elves are from the West in Valinor, and have seen the Light, and are the mightiest and most powerful of the elves remaining in Middle-earth. By the Third Age, their numbers were greatly diminished, and most, if not all, had sailed into the West. There is a long and tragic history behind the Noldor, but, again, it is necessary to read The Silmarillion to learn of this. Galadriel is of the Noldor, as was Gil-galad. Elrond also had more than a little Noldorin blood. The Sindar These are the noble and royal wood-elves. Thranduil, the Elvenking in Mirkwood is of the Sindar, as was Amroth, late king of Lorien, and Celeborn, husband of Galadriel. The Silvans The wood elves of Lothlorien and Mirkwood. The "common" elves, so to speak. Haldir and his brothers are Silvans, as are the elves in The Hobbit.
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What is the Lord of the Rings about?

On a basic plot level, the Lord of the Rings is about a powerful Lord who managed to turn much of what was truly weak human will into an incredible ability to fight and destroy everything positive in his world. The plot of the story is how brave individuals sought to turn the tide and bring about th ( Full Answer )

What is 'The Lord of the Rings'?

A series of six fantasy books (published in three volumes) writtenby JRR Tolkien. It was made into three movies in the 2000's. The Lord of the Rings is an epic fantasy novel written by J.R.R.(John Ronald Reuel) Tolkien. It follows the story of Middle-earth,a fictional continent inhabited by Elves, ( Full Answer )

Where do the elves in 'The Lord of the Rings' live?

Elrond's House, or Rivendell was one location.. The other was Lothlórien where Galadriel and Celeborn lived.. In the Elven Halls of Mirkwood there were elves.. There were also some elves at the Grey Havens.. After the War of the Ring Legolas brought some elves from Mirkwood and they settled i ( Full Answer )

What are two ways the elves on lord of the rings can die?

The only way elves can die is if someone kills them, they do not age or get sick. Also if an elf dies he instantly comes to life again, fully restored in the Halls of Mandos in Valinor, the Undying Lands in the True West. All elves were called and feel an urge to travel to Valinor.

What type of magic do elves use in Lord of the Rings?

Elves' power is to heal, restore, and protect, not to destroy. Most of the elves power we see is that of a passive nature, such as Galadriel protecting her forest or Elrond healing Frodo. Another example of the healing nature of elves is Gandalf's solution in which it brings life back to the hobbits ( Full Answer )

How many Rings are found in Lord of the Rings?

Three Rings for Elven-kings under the sky, Seven for the Dwark-Lords in their halls of stone, Nine for mortal men doomed to die, One for the Dark Lord on his throne, In the Land of Mordor where Shadows lie. One ring to rule them, one ring to find them, One ring to bring them all and in the darkness ( Full Answer )

Who was in the Lord of the Rings?

Lots of people. Peter Jackson directed it, Viggo Mortensen playedAragorn, Orlando Bloom played Legolas, Ian McKellen played Gandalf,Sean Bean played Boromir, Miranda Otto played Eowyn, JohnRhys-Davies played Gimli, Liv Tyler played Arwen, Hugo Weavingplayed Elrond, and many more.

What type of food do Lord of the Rings elves eat?

Lembas bread and other vegetarian stuff. Elves ate meat as well, while lembas bread was for eating on the trail. During feasts they had the most wonderful foods, check out Sam's reaction when they eat in Woodhall near the Shire (in 'The Fellowship of the Ring').

Do the elves in Lord of the Rings have body hair?

Unlike modern fantasy authors, Tolkien did not describe this sort of thing. The elves "prized beautiful hair," but I believe that only refers to one kind. I think the reigning belief in the Tolkien fan community seems to be that the males, anyway, did not have hair on their chests.

Who were the dwarf lord in Lord of the Rings?

Don't know their names, just know they were great miners and craftsmen of the mountain halls. . Dwarves kept their real names secret from the other races. With the other races they always used names that were either titles or aliases. Only these substitute names (e.g. Gimli, Oin, Gloin, Balin, Duri ( Full Answer )

Where do the elves go in Lord of the Rings?

They go to the Undying Lands or the Grey Havens. It is the countrythat elves first came from. It is across the sea and is said thatonly elves could find the way there. It is a parallel to ourHeaven. Actually the Elves did not originate in the Undying Lands in thefar west, they came into being in th ( Full Answer )

What happened to the elves in Lord of the Rings?

Eventually, all Elves sailed to Valinor, a place which is described like paradise. To do this they had to get a ship from the Grey Havens, and once they are there they cannot come back. This is where Frodo sailed to at the end of RotK. Legolas was one of the last elves to sail. Most of the Elves had ( Full Answer )

How do elves in the Lord of the Rings get married?

According to the "Laws and Customs of the Eldar" found in Morgoth's Ring of The Histories of Middle-earth, the union of two elves begins with a formal betrothal, lasting for one year, during which time a public feast is held and the couple exchange silver rings. After at least one year, if both pa ( Full Answer )

Who played elves in Lord of the Rings?

Hugo Weaving played Elrond, and Cate Blanchett played Galadriel. Both were Elf Lords, two of the three who were given rings by Sauran. Also, Orlando Bloom (of Pirates of the Caribbean) played Legolas, an elven member of The Fellowship.

What did elves seek in the Lord of the Rings?

The Elves sought peace, which is why a majority of them werefleeing to The Grey Havens. They wanted nothing to do with Sauronor The War of the Ring, though the three people holding the threeElven Rings, Nenya, Vilya and Narya, (held by Galadriel, Elrond andCirdan the Shipwright, who rules the Havens ( Full Answer )

What happens to the rings from Lord of the Rings?

The Nine rings that were given to Men were still in the possession of the Nazgul when Sauron was destroyed. Of the Seven rings that were given to Dwarves, four were consumed by dragons, and three were recovered by Sauron. The Three rings of the Elven kings belonged to Gandalf, Elrond, and Galadriel, ( Full Answer )

How is the ring a legend in the Lord of the Rings?

Gandalf says that the ring pasted into legend and then myth. Most people forgot about it and it became a legend to middle earth in the same way that the greek myths are legends to us

What type of elf is Liv Tyler in lord of the rings?

Arwen Undomiel is one of the Half-Elven being a product of both an Elven and human parent . Elrond was the son of Earendil (Edain) and Elwing (Sindar). Earendil was the son of Tuor (Edain) and Idril (Noldor). So Arwen's elven heritage was Noldorin and Sindarin.

Is Glorfindel the lord of the elves?

Glorfindel is an Elven Lord from a house of princes, however, he is not the most powerful elf, and not the lord of all Elves. The highest ranking elves mentioned in the Lord of the Rings are probably Elrond, Galadriel, and Celeborn.

What language is on the ring from 'The Lord of the Rings'?

Although the letters on the One Ring are Elvish, the language itself is the dark tongue of Mordor. Well, there are several languages which appear written down in theLotR. But I'll just take a guess that you want the name of thescript on the One Ring: it's Tengwar.

How do you write in Elvish as found in 'The Lord of the Rings'?

I myself over the years have learned it. All you need to do is look up elvish writing and then find the phrase you want then write it. I have actually learned the whole language (speaking and writing) and say that it is NOT easy.

Who is in The Lord of the rings?

The Lord of the Rings is a great movie and a great book. (If youhaven't, read the book, READ IT!) It has many characters. The main9 are Frodo, Sam, Pippin, Merry, Gimli, Legolas, Aragorn, Gandalf,and Boromir. Sauron is the bad guy. There are many races, ofcourse. Here are the evil races: orcs, troll ( Full Answer )

What effect did the 3 rings have on the Elves bearers?

Galadriel, Elrond and Gandalf carried/wore the three elven rings.There really was no discussion on what the powers of the rings was.Gandalf had the fire ring, Narya, Galadriel wore Nenya the ring ofwater and Elrond wore Vilya, the ring of air. They put them away, never to be misused. If you remembe ( Full Answer )

Where do the high elves in the lord of the rings live?

Several places in Middle Earth: . Rivendell with Elrond . Lothlórien with Galadriel . The Grey Havens with Círdan the shipwright . There are also wandering bands of High Elves throughout thefree parts of Middle Earth The elves that live in Mirkwood are not High Elves, they are alesser t ( Full Answer )