What are the Types of floor joists?

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On a deck what would be the maximum spacing of 2'X12' floor joists on a 20ft span?

Even using a 2x12 the spacing for 20 feet will be less than 12 inches on center. I would recommend splitting the distance with a double beam perpendicular to the joist run. This will allow you to go up to 24 inches on center. Your span will only be ten feet aproximately this way. I would double the ( Full Answer )

What type of floor is best with dogs?

Laminate wood flooring is the best to use if you have a larger dog. Laminate is easy to put down and even a 80 pound dog will not leave marks on it . Real hard wood flooring will show marks, but they can be sanded down to like new again.

How much weight can 2x8 floor joists hold?

That depends on how well supported the floor is and that depends on how far apart the joists are placed. The closer they are, the more weight can be supported.

What are the types of floors?

There are more types of flooring than most people realize. More common types of flooring include carpet, hardwood, laminate, linoleum, vinyl, stone, and tile. Also becoming increasingly popular is flooring made from concrete, bamboo, and cork. These flooring options are gaining popularity because ( Full Answer )

My floors are out of level by about an inch in some places The subfloor is plywood and the support is truss joists that appear to be sagging in some places How to fix it?

\n. \n. \nThe short answer is: you're going to need to add some posts and maybe a beam under the trusses. \nIf you've really got an inch of deflection, something is very wrong. \nEither your trusses were undersized for the span they're crossing or they weren't designed/assembled properly. \n...or ( Full Answer )

How long does it take to water damage floor joists?

It depends on what timber your joists are,how much water has been involved and for how long the water has been affecting the joists.Stop the egress of water and let the joists dry out.Take it from there.

What are the Types of hardwood flooring?

Various hardwood flooring includes reclaimed flooring, hand hewn-beams, antique flooring, pine flooring, maple flooring, lumber flooring, fir flooring, and oak flooring.

How much larger than the pipe size should the drill bit being used to drill holes in the floor joist be?

Wrong Question.... You first determine the hole size required for the mine plan and then based on the air capacity and pulldown capacity of the drill rig you can determine the optimal drill pipe diameter to achieve productivity from the drill.. What size is your drill? Air Capacity in CFM, Pulldow ( Full Answer )

What types of flooring are used in hotels?

Flooring that is easy to clean.. Carpet is generally seen in the main area of the rooms and halls. Glue down carpets allow spills to not soak into a pad therefore last longer.. Bathrooms and entries often have porcelain tile because of their superior strength. Recently composite tile have been see ( Full Answer )

What is the maximum span for 2 x 8 floor joists on 16 OC?

It depends on the species of wood the joists are made from but it should be in the low 11 to mid 12 foot range. Note that the span is the distance between the inside edges of the end supports, so a 12' joist on 2x4 walls will actually span only 11'5" (12 - 3.5 -3.5)

Does floor joist height increase with length of joist?

Not really. All joists will be the same whether you are working on a 1st or second floor, so your floor does not have a bunch of different levels. Usually we use 2 x 12 lumber, doubling joists which have walls above them or decreasing the spacing if you are at the limits of the span. example you hav ( Full Answer )

In a 2x8 floor joist spanning 12ft what is the largest diameter hole you can drill through for conduit?

1/3 the size of the joist, so approximately 2 1/4 in. Keep the hole a min. of 2" from the top of the joist. If it's 2" exactly, put a nail guard on the top. Don't put the hole within 6" of another hole. don't put the hole within 4" of a notch. This of course all depends on the joist spacing 12" ( Full Answer )

Can you use the space between floor joists as an air duct?

Yes. You will have to line the area with duct board or caulk allcracks and seal all holes at least. It can be used as a return, notcold air. Make sure there is no gas pipe running thru the area. what about to use the space for running warm air?

How do you calculate the floor joist sizes?

You can use a table or use one of the many software packages available. You need to know the area that the joists will support and have some idea of the weight of the contents that will be placed on the floor. IRC or IBC code books are available at the library.

The actual size of a 2 x 12 floor joist is?

It will vary a bit depending on age of the building. Old rough sawn are 2x12, new ones are 1 1/2 by 11 1/2 with 1/8 inch variation either way on the width.

The colosseum had what type of floor?

The Colosseum was built on flat area on the floor of a low valley between the Caelian, Esquiline and Palatine and Velia Hills. An artificial lake which had been created by the emperor Nero had to be drained and filled. Local water streams were canalised. The lake had been fed by a water source from ( Full Answer )

How far apart are flooring joists?

Typically they are on 16" centers. That means if you pull from the edge of your first joist just mark every 16" and that is the edge of the joist. Most tape measures have red numbers or something else to make it easy to see where to mark. ....Or depending on age of the house they can also be 450mm c ( Full Answer )

How much does it cost to replace floor joists?

In a typical home, the surface flooring (such as wood, carpet or vinyl) rests on a subfloor, which rests on joists -- a series of closely spaced parallel beams that support the floor or ceiling loads. Joists are usually supported by a sill (a long horizontal timber that's the lowest part of the fram ( Full Answer )

How do you support floor joists?

Floor joists in standard U.S. residential construction are supported on the outer walls by a foundation, typically cement block or concrete. Between outer walls, support may be necessary in the form of a support beam resting on posts which transfers load to a concrete pier.

How far can a floor joist span without blocking?

By blocking I guess you mean a wall supporting the joists. Old school way is half the span plus 2, so if the span is 12 feet then half is 6 so add 2 to the 6 and you get 8, so the timber needs to be 8 inches deep.

What causes a floor joist to sag?

Overloading would be one reason. Or the wood moisture content wastoo high when installed and it has bowed as it dried out. If thisrelates to old construction, there could be insect (termite) damageor rot that has weakened the member.

Why is the wood flooring on the first floor buckling above floor joists?

There can be numerous causes for a floor to buckle over a floor joist. Flooring was not installed perpendicular to floor joist. Flooring was not allowed for proper expansion - expansion gap needed. Flooring was not properly fastened or not enough fasteners was applied. Excessive water or ( Full Answer )

What is cost of replacing the floor joists under the crawl space with hardwood floors in the house?

The job is difficult, very uncomfortable, strenuous, and time consuming. All the nails attaching sub-floor and hardwood floor to the joist will have to be cut, the joist cut out two at a time, and then new, full-length joists installed in place. Depending on the year the house was built, this can be ( Full Answer )

Do non load bearing walls need to be centered above a floor joist?

It depends what they are constructed of- if they're to be built of heavy material such as stone or brick, then yes they do. If they're just quite literally partitions made of plasterboard with an internal timber frame, then not necessarily. Although not required, it's good construction practice to s ( Full Answer )

Why is it useful to use floor joists?

Floor joists allow air to flow under wooden floors and help prevent damp/wood rot. They also assist with load spreading when heavy objects are placed on the floor.

What types of flooring are considered simple floors?

Simple floors are considered to be easy and straightforward when it comes to installing them in your home. Common examples are pre-finished hardwood, laminate and cork wood floors.