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What are the types of homeless people?



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The types of homeless people are:

Those that eventually lost everything due to natural disasters.

People lose their jobs, with no other opportunities readily available to prevent them from missing a mortgage payment or 2 and suddenly they have nothing, but a new life of homelessness.

Others are homeless because of illness, most commonly a mental health issue(s) and don't have family or friends, anymore, as the right type of support, like adequate shelter and medical attention .

There are a lot of educated, homeless people who have fallen between the financial and societal,cracks,partially due to government cutbacks to social services and personal troubles.

No body chooses to be homeless.

It's a full time job being homeless and that's the last resort.

Many people with addictions are homeless and in and out of shelters and detox, with the hope of not being homeless, again.

There is a sub population of homeless youths who have been kicked out of their homes for being homosexual. These youths may need other services, in addition to services for homelessness.

Every homeless person has a story to be told!