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Labor is assigned for every woman. There is no specific answer. It's like asking about types of fingerprints. Every labor is special and I believe it's assigned by the one who has the power to control our existence. I have four children born naturally but with epidural (spelling may be wrong), but still painfully. The only way to categorize labor is by pain. I logged on to this website because I was looking for what it means when a child is born and there is no pain for the mom. My mom called me last night and told me that when I was born, she felt no pain. I took two days to get here and I was very famous in the hospital because I was known as "the baby who didn't want to come out", and my mom also, because with no anesthesia, she felt no discomfort except the bundle giving her a hard time coming out. Talk about Constipation!! I like the above answer. As a midwife I agree. I once looked after 2 sisters having their second babies three days apart. the first one had very little pain or even discomfort until she was actually pushing the baby out. She told me her sister would yell from start to finish, which is exactly what she did.

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Q: What are the types of labor?
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What were the two types of unpaid labor in the thirteen colonies?

Slave labor

What are the types of labor welfare?

The three types of labor welfare are statutory, voluntary and mutual. Labor welfare benefits are paid by both the employee and the company to cover any wages below the minimum wage.

What three types of slave labor that might be found on a well-established plantation?

what three types of slave labor might be found on a well established plantation

What are the four types of labor?

Types? Do you mean stages? If you mean stages, its first, second, and third. First stage is early labor, second stage is active labor (the stage where the baby comes out) and third stage is when the placenta is delivered. Then there's false labor, which can seem like early labor but fizzles out before it progresses into anything.

What are the types of labor saving devices?

washing machine

What are the 4 types of resources?

Land, labor, capital, and enterprise.

What types of workers belonged to the American federation of labor?

the JEWS

What are the four types of production?

The Four main types of Production are: Land, Labor, Capital, and Enterprise

What different types of labor unions emerged during the nations industrial boom?

labor unions and trade union

What are the four types of economic resources?

Labor, land, capital, entreprenurial

What are the two types of government spending?

C. capital goods and labor.

Three types of resources?

There are three main types of resources used in the study of economics. These resources are land, labor, and capital.

What does a labor lawyer do for a living?

There are many different types of lawyers. A lawyer that specialized in the labor laws at a federal and state level are called labor lawyers. They often aid a person who is suing an employer.

What are the four types of input resources?

Land, Labor, Capital, Entreneurial Ability.

Types of farming is dependent on cheap migrant labor?

fruit and vegetable farming

Type of labor necessary in a business?

what are the types of labour necessary in a business plan

Which of the following types of farming is dependent on cheap migrant labor?

fruit and vegetable farming

What are the types of child labor?

factories farms local markets

What is the Four types of resources make up the factors of production?

land, labor, capital, and mgmt

The four types of labor in the labor market?

1: Unskilled Labour2: Semiskilled Labour3: Skilled Labour4: Professional Labour

Why is labor an economic resource?

For an economy to function, it must have human labor. This includes a long list of types of labor in order to make an economy viable. Therefore, the resources of an economy run from scientists to teachers to business people to factory and farm workers.

What types of job are examples of general labor?

General labor includes many non-skilled tasks. An example of this is cleaning, sweeping, moving, and lifting. Most general labor jobs require very basic tools such as a broom, mop, or shovels.

What are factor rewards?

A factor production is a productive resource. The four types are land, labor, capital and enterprise. Rewards for land are rent, for capital is interest, for labor is wages and enterprise is profit.

What types of labor are necessary for a business?

Depending on the type of business it is either skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled

What three types of slave labor might be found on a well established plantation?

house, field, and craftsmen.