What are the types of plywood?

While plywood is commonly thought to be an uneven number of layers or plies of wood assembled at right angles to each other, the commercial definition is that an assembly of three or more layers is plywood. Therefore plywood can be plastic laminate or veneer with a particleboard or MDF core. Melamine board is not considered to be plywood because the melamine paper is so thin. When specifying plywood you can request veneer core, particle board core, lumber core, multicore ( a combination of veneer and strand board), MDF core. It is critical in constructing plywood that there be a balanced construction i.e. the same thickness and weight of material on each side of the core. For this reason putting plastic laminate on one side of a cabinet door made of melamine is not acceptable. Your nearest AWI, AWMAC, WIC member will be pleased to discuss this subject. www.awinet.org