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- Socialist Democracy. An example of this is the UK. We have the NHS, (free healthcare) The Housing association (67% of housing in the UK is owned by the state), Department for Work and Pensions, gievs out money to the poor, in order to raise the standard of living. -Socialist State Examples include Egypt. These are NOT democracies (As the UK is) -Communist State China

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What are the types of command economies?

socialism and communism

Does capitalism engage in centralized planning whereas socialism does not?

There are many types of capitalism and socialism. Types of capitalism which engage in central planning include state-capitalism, or corporate capitalism. Types of socialism which engage in central planning include communism, and state socialism. Types of capitalism which do not engage in central planning include laissez faire capitalism, american libertarianism, or anarcho-capitalism. Types of socialism which do not engage in central planning include mutualism, and libertarian socialism. Of course, all institutions involve some degree of central planning, ie a corporation, a collectively run factory, or a family.

What types of economic systems exist throughout the world today?

capitalism, communism, socialism, and market economy capitalism, communism, socialism, and market economy capitalism, communism, socialism, and market economy capitalism, communism, socialism, and market economy capitalism, communism, socialism, and market economy capitalism, communism, socialism, and market economy capitalism, communism, socialism, and market economy

What economy is closely related to socialism?

There are two types of economies related to the socialist movement. The first is the planned economy. The second is market socialism.

What types of government is found in China?

The types of governments found in China are a mixture of democratic ideals, federalism, socialism, and authoritarian.

How do use the word government in a sentence?

Socialism and capitalism are just two types of government.

List all three types of Mixed economics system?

Capitalism, Communism & Democratic Socialism.

What are the types of unlimited government?


What is a synonym for socialism?

Mutualism, Associationism, Collectivism, Communism (in the late-19th century and early 20th century). Sometimes the following are mistakenly used as synonyms for socialism: Marxism (This is actually an economic and sociological theory of capitalism and economic development); Communism (After the 1917 Bolshevik revolution in Russia, this term came to mean the political movement of Leninism and later Marxism-Leninism and its spinoffs); Social democracy (This is actually a political strategy and political philosophy which now has little if any relation to socialism in the modern world); Statism (This is a political or economic focus on state power. While there are statist types of socialism, there are also anti-statist types of socialism and even anarchist forms of socialism).

Ten types of government?

Democracy, Socialism, Imperialism, Communism, Monarchy, Republic, Aristocracy, Dictatorship... well, there are 8 of them.

Why socialism book written by?


Is socialism bad?

It really depends on you political stance. There are also many types of Socialism, from right to left on the political spectrum*, there is Social Democracy, Democratic, Revisionism, Libertarian, Liberal, Religious Socialism, Green, Market, Agrarian, Syndicalism, Ethical, Guild, Utopian, Scientific, Marxian, and State, after that you get into communism, which is far more extreme. *All Except Social Democracy and Syndicalism have the word socialism after them.

Which came first socialism or communism?


Is Spain socialism?

Spain does use socialism ('<>')

Did Karl Marx support socialism?

He developed a form of socialism which was sometimes called "scientific socialism".

What are the most important differences between state socialism and market socialism?

Market socialism should be contrasted with a planned economy, or planned socialism. Market socialism involves the use of markets and prices for determining how to use and allocate factors of production among organizations. These organizations may be state-owned or co-operatively owned; so market socialism can be a type of state socialism. State socialism is contrasted with co-operative socialism. In state socialism, the means of production are owned and managed by a public body. In contrast, cooperative socialism involves ownership of the means of production by the employees or by councils of consumer co-operatives. It is possible to have state-market socialism and cooperative-market socialism. Likewise, it is possible to have cooperative-planned socialism and state-planned socialism.

What is the opposite of socialism?

Capitalism is considered the opposite of socialism.

Was communism or socialism first?

It was from Socialism that Communism was born.

Which socialism did Karl Marx subscribe to?

Scientific socialism.

What rhymes with socialism?

There are no perfect rhymes for the word socialism.

Did Plato teach socialism?

No, Plato did not teach socialism.

Is Socialism an abstract noun?

Yes, Socialism is an abstract noun.

How is socialism used in a sentence?

Socialism is an ineffective government type.

How can socialism be used in a sentence?

Socialism is associated with the political left.

The African form of socialism was based on what?

"African form of socialism"