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What are the types of tamagotchi family?


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If you are referring to the Tamagotchi v5, there are:

Pure Families;

The Mame Family

The Kuchipa Family

The Meme Family

The Flower or Violet Family ( I heard both)

Bad Care Families;

Ninja Family

Big or Large Family(I think Large)

Petite Family.

This is for the v5. There is also the v5.5 or v5 celebrity. I will say only what I already know, but I am pretty sure I'm right!

Pure Families;

Mame Family

Gotchi King Family

Kutchipa Family

Meme Family

Violet Family

& more.

Bad care families;

Model Family

Paparazzi Family

Pudding family

Secret Characters;

You can also get the Space Family. Just take a look at this, if thins wasn't enough info.