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What are the undergraduate entrance requirements for MIT?

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MIT requires standardized tests scores for all freshman applications. Student must complete either the SAT, ACT plus writing, or the TOEFL exam, as well as a Math SAT II Subject Test and a Science SAT II Subject Test. MIT also requires an interview, essays, and evaluations from teachers, as well as other requirements.

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What are the undergraduate entrance requirements for Rice University?

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What are undergraduate admission requirements?

Undergraduate admissions requirements vary from school to school. check with the schools your applying to for specific requirements

Can you pursue a graduate degree with a less than stellar undergraduate diploma?

It depends on the college or university you are applying to, the specific program of study, and the entrance requirements particular to that program. Once you decide on a specific program, you can research institutions that offer that program and inquire about entrance requirements.

Could I get a master's degree in special education without having a degree in special ed as an undergraduate?

Colleges and universities will have requirements particular to themselves. You need to contact some schools that offer the program and inquire about the entrance requirements. Evidently, there will be prerequisite coursework at the undergraduate level you will be required to complete first.

How many undergraduate students go to MIT?

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What are the undergraduate entrance requirements for Fordham?

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What is an undergraduate major core program?

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You are studying undergraduate and planning to credit transfer to a good university abroadthe thing is that will you be able to do that if you gave GRE but not SAT?

If you are an undergraduate student transferring to another undergraduate program you would not take the GRE. The GRE is required by many colleges and universities at the graduate level. You should collect the names of some schools you have an interest in and then research their entrance requirements.

What are the entrance requirements for hofstra university?

The best way to find out the current entrance requirements for Hofstra University is to visit their website.

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What are the graduate requirements for MIT?

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Can you get Model test papers for mit entrance exam?

i wanted to see the last year entry model test paper of MIT

What is the minimum requirements to get award for undergraduate programme?

"Award requirements: - Achieve a total of 134 credit hours with minimum CPA of 2.00 - Complete the undergraduate final year project."

What is the foreign language requirement for entrance at MIT?

2 High school Units

What are GPA requirements to enter US universities for 1 Undergraduate 2 Graduate?

Undergraduate GPA requirements range from 2.5 to 3.0. Graduate GPA requirements range from 2.75 to 3.0. Some universities don't have a minimum requirement.

What are the least requirements for undergraduate programmes into the universities in Ghana?

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What are the grade requirements to get into MIT?

5.5 in math calculus and chemistry

Can one transfer form one university to another during one undergraduate?

Yes you can provided you meet the entrance requirements of the institution you wish to transfer to. You should also inquire about the transfer of credits you have already completed.

What act scores do you have to have to graduate from law school?

The ACT is used to get into undergraduate school. Most law schools require the LSAT for entrance. You will have to check the specific requirements to determine what score you need for a specific law school.

What are the undergraduate entrance requirements for university of Washington?

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What are the minimum requirements for entrance to Harvard?

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