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What are the uses and benefits in a reflection paper?


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July 12, 2009 12:01PM

* Provides an instructor with feedback. * Shows an instructor where gaps in learning may be occuring. * Allows students to critique their own work or the work they have contributed to a group. * Demonstrates preparedness for class or assignment, knowledge of and opinions on a topic or concept, and understanding of a process or set of actions. * Allows students to organize thoughts on paper. * Provides a medium for students to explore ideas that may not normally be covered in the scope of a class or topic. * Provides an opportunity for students to voice opinions or thoughts they may not be willing to express verbally. * A reflection paper generally is 300-700 words * The purpose is to encourage the student to reflect on a specific topic such as a presentation, a reading assignment, an experience, or a concept. * When assigning a reflection paper it is important to include a rubric to establish what the student must demonstrate.