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Q: What are the uses for the Louvre?
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What is the process the louvre museum uses to protect and restore the art?

no way

How wide is the Louvre?

How wide is the Louvre? How high is the Louvre?

How do you spell the Louvre in French?

the Louvre is called 'Le Louvre' in French.

What does the word Louvre mean?


What continent is louvre on?

The Louvre is in Europe.

How far is the louvre?

the Louvre is in Paris, where are you

What was the purpose of The Louvre?

Although now the Louvre stands as a museum, it had many different uses. It was originally built to be a defense fortress in the 1200s. It was then turned into a country home, and later into a palace. In 1791 it was declared a museum.

Where is the Louvre Palace?

The Louvre Palace which houses the Louvre Museum is located in Paris, France.

In what city is the Louvre located?

The Louvre is in Paris.

How do you spell The Louvre Museum in french?

The Louvre museum is 'le musée du Louvre" or simply "le Louvre" in French.

How much is admission to louvre?

Louvre Museum €10

Where the Louvre Museum located?

The Le Louvre is in France

Which state is the louvre located in?

Le Louvre is in France.

What are facts about Louvre?

The Louvre contains the Mona Lisa.

In what city is Louvre situated?

The Louvre is in Paris, France.

Is the louvre a square based pyramid?

No. The Louvre is a normal, rectangular building. The Pyramide du Louvre, which is outside the main Louvre building is a square based pyramid.

Is the Louvre famous?

The Louvre is extremely famous, you can ask anyone if they know about the Mona Lisa and they should say that its in the louvre.

On what street is the Louvre museum located?

On Rue du Louvre.

When is the Louvre open?

The Louvre Museum was opened in August of 1797.

Where is the louvre art gallery?

The Louvre Museum is in Paris, France.

Musee du Louvre means?

It means the Louvre Museum.

How big is the Louvre museum?

the Louvre is 60,600 square meters

How much is the Louvre worth?

Many of the artworks in the Louvre are priceless.

What district is the louvre in?

Le Louvre is in the 1st 'Arrondissement' of Paris.

When was Louvre-Lens created?

Louvre-Lens was created in 2012.