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What are the uses of Bluetooth?

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Bluetooth can be used as a free and low voltage way to transfer information between devices. The first use is the transfer of sound wirelessly from cell phones through headsets. Bluetooth can also be used to transfer pictures, music, zip files, PDFs, word documents, etc, between capable devices. Not all cell phones are capable of file transfer but all Bluetooth phones can transfer sound media.

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Bluetooth uses what kind of signal?

Bluetooth uses short wavelength radio transmissions in the ISM band from 2400-2480 MHz

Will an infrared port pick up bluetooth?

No, infrared port uses IR radiation and bluetooth uses radio frequency radiation.

What type of signal does Bluetooth use?

Bluetooth uses low power radio waves

How do you get internet on iPad bluetooth?

An iPad uses Wi-Fi to connect to the internet, not Bluetooth.

What type of radio waves does bluetooth use?

bluetooth is an open wireless protocol for exchanging data over short distances. it uses short length radio frequencies. bluetooth uses a radio technology called frequency-hoping spread spectrum.

Is the GPS watch bluetooth-enabled?

No, it is not bluetooth enabled. It uses NEW ANT Link to transfer data from the watch to the computer.

Does a bluetooth uses infrared technology to transfer data between devices?

No, it uses radio frequency signalling.

What is bluetooth used for in laptops?

Bluetooth allows various consumer electronics devices to communicate without being connected. Common uses include: - using a bluetooth keyboard - using bluetooth speakers - using bluetooth to transfer files (e.g. ringtones to a phone, mp3 files to a player) - using bluetooth to synchronise PDAs

What are the uses of bluetooth car systems?

Bluetooth car system helps in listening phone music with car audio system. Reference:

Does Bluetooth use radio waves or satellite?

Bluetooth uses short-wavelength UHF radio waves in the ISM band from 2.4 to 2.485 GHz.

Does Pokemon GO use bluetooth?

It uses bluetooth to connect with the Pokemon GO Plus device, which is a cool thing, but not absolutely required to play the game.

Uses radio waves to transmit data between two devices?


What are the various uses of bluetooth technology?

One of the most popular uses is for file and data transferring. Take an example a Bluetooth headset and Bluetooth enable devices. You can share files, music, data and do phone calls. All great features in today's fast paste life. More info in the link below.

How bluetooth teeth works?

Bluetooth doesn'tÊreally have teeth, but is a sort of wireless connection. It uses a standard radio frequency, and also has a standard receive-transmit rate, allowing any two bluetooth devices to connect with ease.

What uses radio waves to transmit data between two devices?

A Bluetooth Port.

Will your PC remote work on PS3?

No it will not PS3 uses a Bluetooth controller that was designed for that system

What technology is used for pebble watch?

The pebble watch uses Bluetooth to communicate with your phone.

Does iPod Touch have chat?

There are apps you can download like bluetooth IM which uses BlueTooth technology to send a message from ipod/ipad/iphone to ipod/ipd/iphone.

What modulation does bluetooth use?

It uses GFSK (Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying) modulation technique.

What is the range of bluetooth?

This question could be answered two ways: how far a Bluetooth signal can reach and what position the signal is in. Bluetooth Signals can generally reach about 32 feet. The range of a Bluetooth signal changes 1,600 times a second to avoid interfering with other Bluetooth devices. It uses radio-frequency signals that move between 2.402 gigahertz and 2.48 gigahertz (79 spaces).

How dows bluetooth work?

Bluetooth uses radio-frequency signals to communicate between devices. It uses these signals because the range that it uses requires a very modest amount of power. To avoid connecting with another Bluetooth device, the signal varies between 2.402 gigahertz and 2.48 gigahertz. The signal changes 1600 times every second and the devices that are communicating change the range in unison to prevent unwanted reception from other devices.

How do you transfer pictures from a Sony Ericson model TM506 to my computer?

If your computer uses bluetooth then you could try that?

Does the Nintendo DSi have Bluetooth?

No, but it has Wi-Fi, and uses that to connect to the Internet, as well as other DS consoles.

Can you mod a ps3 controller to work on xbox360?

No PS3 uses Bluetooth for the controllers besides the other differences

Is the mac wireless keyboard compatible with the new apple iPad?

The current Apple Wireless Keyboard uses Bluetooth, so it is compatible with all iPads. Any standard Bluetooth keyboard will work.