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Bug control, elimination, and relocation are uses of bug spray. Sprays may be used to get bug populations within limits acceptable to concerned property owners and smooth-functioning food webs, to leave no trace of them in areas of concern, and to motivate them to move out of sensitive living, play and work spaces.

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How long does bug spray take to kill a spider?

Bug spray will only kill a spider if you drownd it in bug spray because it is not a bug!

How do you kill bugs on a hat?

Bug spray. Bug spray.

What should you do about bed bugs?

bug spray or a shoe, get them, if youre infested, then spray bug spray around the house.

Is bug spray healthy for you?

It has been proven, by scientific research, that the long time use of the bug spray may cause some damage to the dermis. The study as well emphasises on other form of bug repellent, and their uses. The best thing they recommend is the all natural bug repellent devices.

How do you beat smashing bug?

with a can of bug spray

How do you stop bug bites?

Bug Spray

What other uses are there for bug spray Can you use it to clear auto headlight fog?

Don't! Bug Spray contains pesticides and because of this it is a violation of Federal Law to use it or dispose of it in any manner not in accordance with its labeling. Read the label.

Will bug spray to kill gnats hurt marijuana plants?

Yes, it will also hurt everyone who uses the marijuana.

Flea spray kill bed bug?

yes flea and tic spray will kill a bed bug! isprayed a bed bug with harts flea and tic spray and it killed the bed bug on contact.

What is the music video that has the bugs which sing with a woman who the bug is in love with She then uses bug spray to kill them What is the band and name of this song?

MAybe you talk about "H-Blockx - Move" .....

How do you say bug spray in french?

bug spray is 'de l'insecticide / une bombe d'insecticide' in French.

How do you wash flat paint with bug spray on it?

Wash the bug spray off with hot water first.

Does bug spray kill fruit flies?

yes, because bug spray has a venom in it that is very toxic to flies, ants, roaches, spiders,etc. if you spray bug spray on a fruit fly, the fly will die in about 1 minute.

How do you get bug spray off a watch?

Most watches are not waterproof so you have to be very careful wiping bug spray off. A person can use a baby wipe to get the smell of bug spray off of the watch.

How do you get rid of bees around?

Bug Away or Bug Spray

How do you get rid of termite?

spray bug spray around your house

How do you get gnats out of your house?

use bug spray. Throw the bug out when its dead

How do you get rid of stink bugs in your house?

You can buy a bug spray that will kill them. You can find bug spray for pill bugs at stores like Lowe's, Home Depot, or any garden store. Once you have the bug spray, spray it all around your house or in the effected area.

Works with bugs?

Bug spray

Can bug spray kill you in your sleep?


What does bug spray do to insects?

kills it

Where can you buy bug spray?


What is the pH of bug spray?


What to do when a cockroach enters the monitor?

spray the moniter with bug spray on the outside where he/she got in, and wipe away the bug spray off the acsual screen. he sshould die, and then shake the moniter to get it out.

How do you keep gecko out of your house?

Lock all your doors and windows OR get bug spray and spray it at all the openings of your house and where a bug can squeeze to get into the house.

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