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As a fuel for automobiles

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Q: What are the uses of ethanol to society?
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What are three uses for ethanol?

Three uses for ethanol are fuel, alcoholic drinks and an antiseptic.

What are some uses of Ethanol Fuel?

ethanol is a fuel.

Uses of ethanol?

ethanol from biomass would not require new infrastructure systems.

How does ethanol effect society?

they use it to make gasoline

What is the future of cassava in the ethanol market?

the uses of cassava and its usefulness.

What is a type of solvent that uses alcohol?

Ethanol is an alcohol that can be used as a solvent.

How much Ethanol is in the fuel NASCAR uses or if any?

I don't believe that NASCAR is using ethanol. I know F1 race cars use it.

What are the uses for ethyl alcohol?

Ethyl alcohol, or ethanol, is a form of alcohol with a wide range of uses.Ethanol is mainly produced from corn or sugarcane.The most common use of ethanol in the modern world is as a fuel additive, which replaced tetraethyl lead (or TEL) as the most common antiknock agent in automobiles.Ethanol is the most common alcohol in alcoholic beverages.Ethanol is used in many hand sanitizers as an antiseptic.Ethanol can be used to treat someone who was poisoned by another, stronger alcohol.Ethanol is a good solvent, and can mix with water.Ethanol can be combined with other chemicals for a wide variety of purposes.

What are the uses of ethanol in microbiology lab?

95% Ethanol is used in the microbiology lab to disinfect surfaces. This is a precaution necessary to avoid contamination of your samples and supplies.

Brazil uses sugarcane and gasoline to produce a fuel for cars called what?


Why do you use KOH ethanol for the isolation of piperine and What are their uses?


What are the uses of ethanol?

Alternate fuel source, if you get 70% Ethanol and 30% water w/w you have a very good broad spectrum anti- bacterial, ethanol is used in labs as a solvent to dissolve desired compounds from different materials

What are all the common uses of ethanol?

Ethanol is also called ethyl alcohol, pure alcohol, grain alcohol, or drinking alcohol, is a volatile, flammable, colorless liquid.

How is the telephone used in modern society?

what is the uses of telephone in modern society?

Is alchol in hand sanitizer same as in a alchol beverage?

As long as the hand sanitizer uses Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol), not Isopropyl alcohol, then yes. Most do, like Purell, 62% Ethanol.

Which countries use ethanol?

Pretty much all countries use ethanol. You see, ethanol is "drinking alcohol" (beer, wine, whiskey, rum, vodka, etc.) Even in so-called "dry" countries, where it is illegal to drink alcohol, there are industrial uses for ethanol. If you are referring, however, to the usage of alcohol as a fuel, I have no idea.

What are some good uses for Tincture?

The uses for Tinctures varies on what type it is. Several varieties are used in conjunction with other herbs and ethanol to produce alcoholic beverages.

How is farming society different from pastoral society?

the are different because farming society uses farming and pastoral doesnt

Is ethanol a element?

no ethanol is not an element. Ethanol is an Organic compound.

What gas stations does not use ethanol?

Almost only Exxon, pretty much every other one uses 10%

Who uses biomass and for what purposes?

Any Plant, such as an Ethanol Plant, that could run a boiler by burning biomass instead of coal.

The public property and services that a society uses?


The knowledge that a society uses to create things is?


What are the uses of copper ore in society?

To make dildos

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It is a fake society created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He uses this society in The Valley of Fear.