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For transportation , heating and cooling our homes and other places and for electricity Fossil fuels are used for many things .eg. oil is used in cars ,trucks ,boats ,planes ,jet skies and lawn mowers. Coal is used in locomotives and for heating home and providing energy for industry. Fossil Fuels are Non-renewable and finite

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What countries use the most fossil fuels?

America uses the most fossil fuels

What do fossil fuels uses?

Crude oil and coal are two examples of fossil fuels.

How are fossil fuels used every day?

Fossil fuels are used everyday in many different ways. Gasoline is created out of fossil fuels, and thus anything that uses gasoline uses fossil fuels. A.K.A. Cars, trucks, boats, industrial factories, etc... Hope that helps!

What if you ran out of fossil fuels?

If Earth did then there wouldn't be electricity, coal or anything that we humans rely on today that uses fossil fuels.

What fossil fuels do stoves use?

it uses coal

What are different uses for fossil fuels?

What you might use them for

Why are some fossil fuels fossil fuels?

All fossil fuels are fossil fuels.

What uses does fossil fuels have?

fossil fuels are everywhere..examples are petrol, gasoline.. they r ostly used in heating, plastics, ..everything..

What is an advantage of using fossil fuels for energy?

versatility in its uses

What state in the US uses the most fossil fuels?


What country uses the most fossil fuels?

The United States uses more fossil fuel than any other country.

How are fossil fuels good for the environment?

They aren't when people uses them for fuel

How is India powered?

India uses fossil fuels such as nuclear and coal.

It is possible that you are using fossil fuels?

Personally I used fossil fuels today to boil my kettle, run my laptop on the internet, drive to the shops. Later I will cook my evening meal. All these things use fossil fuels. Electric power uses fossil fuels that are burnt at the nearest power plant.

Are fossil fuels or nuclear fuels cheaper?

fossil fuels

How are fossil fuels converted to fuels?

how r fossil fuels canverted to fuels

What statement about fossil fuels is not true?

Fossil fuels are clean burning and will not be bad for the environment. We will never run out of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are good for our health. These are a few that are not true about fossil fuels.

Uses of fossil fuels?

Coal is a fossil fuel and it makes most of the electricity in this country. Decrease in agricultural yields

What is the opposite of fossil fuels?

Non-fossil fuels, renewable fuels.

Is biofuel green?

biofuel is green because it does not uses fossil fuels to do things.

What is a sentence with the word fossil fuels?

Eventually, fossil fuels will run out.Fossil fuels cause a lot of pollution.

Will fossil fuels last forever?

.will fossil fuels last forever? why .will fossil fuels last forever? why

Is fossil fuels a product?

Is fossil fuels a product?

What is fossil fuels used for?

Fossil fuels are usd for when

What uses fossil fuels?

Most forms of transport use fossil fuels.Most forms of electricity generation use fossil fuels.All common fuels (coal, oil, natural gas, petroleum) are fossil fuels. Coal is a fossil fuel and it makes most of the electricity in the world.As processes and equipment can generally be fitted out to burn either the fossil fuel or the non-fossil equivalent the answer becomes "Anything can use fossil fuel".Hydrogen, bodiesel, digestor methane, bagasse (and similar agricultural waste), alcohol and wood (including paper etc.) are about the only non-fossil fuels.