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What are the uses of hydrated lime?

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Is hydrated lime an absorbent?


What is the Ph of hydrated lime?

Hydrated Lime: Solubility in Water: Slightly soluble in water. pH=12.4@25°C

What is the symbol of hydrated lime?


Does hydrated lime keep snakes away?

No lime does nothing for snakes.

Can you neutralize hydrochloric acid with hydrated lime?

Yes, hydrated calcium oxide(calcium hydroxide) neutralises lime to produce calcium chloride.

What is the chemical name and formula for Hydrated lime?

The chemical name for hydrated lime is Calcium hydroxide The chemical formula is Ca(OH)2.

What is the denisity of one ton of hydrated lime?

The density of hydrated lime is listed as 2.211 gm/cm3 .Doesn't matter whether you have a thimbleful or a truckload of it.

What to give horse that swallowed hydrated lime?

If a horse swallowed hydrated lime, you should call a equine vet immediately as this is an emergency situation. Hydrated lime is highly caustic and toxic to both animals and humans, ingestion of the substance could be fatal if not seen to immediately.

Is hydrated lime concrete?

No it is not. Hydrated lime and concrete are quite different. hydrated lime is an addative similar to cement and used in concrete to improve the strength. it can also be added to soil to improve stability etc. typically concrete is a mixture containing different % of rock, cement/lime, fly ash, water. lime is a cheaper then cement however not aas effective and takes longer to harden. -civil engineering student

What effect does hydrated lime have on pH?

raising the pH of the water

Why does slaked lime give a more immediate response than agricultural lime?

Slaked Lime is Hydrated and increases PH faster that agricultural lime. It is also more caustic.

Different types of lime?

Lime is used to raise the pH level in soil. The types are Ag, hydrated, powder, pelletized, liquid, and dry lime.

Can hydrated lime be used safely to deorderize a pet area?

According to the USDA, hydrated lime that is mixed with water is generally safe for the deodorization of pet areas. However, pay close attention to the instructions for mixing it.

Is calcium sulphate and lime the same product?

No. Slaked lime is Ca(OH)2 and quicklime is CaO. Limestone is CaCO3 . CaSO4 when hydrated would be gypsum. It is not lime.

What is better to use when removing outdoor odors lime calcium carbonate or hydrated lime calcium hydroxide?

Hydrated lime. It has been used for hundreds of years to deoderize everything from human wastes to animal wastes to decaying bodies. Calcium carbonate is simply ground up limestone, and although it is great for raising the pH of your yard or garden it doesn't do much to eliminate smells. Hydrated lime also has the advantage of being a dessicant (it absorbs moisture). M. Miller, Lime Specialist, U.S. Geological Survey

Is hydrated lime good as a flea control in yard?

Can you use pennyroyal as a flea control ? and how ?

What is Hydrated Lime good for?

Its great for breaking down clay int soil RB

What is hydrated pest management?

I think you mean integrated, that means using all options basically, some companies use hydrated lime as part of that philosophy.

What happen chemically when quick lime is added to water?

Chemical Equation CaO+H2O==Ca(OH)2 lime is changed into hydrated lime,giving out a lot of heat,which can boil the water.

What is the drink that uses a lime leaf syrup?

The drink that uses Lime Cordial (I think is a lime leaf syrup) is called a Gimlet. One part Gin and one part Lime Cordial.

Can barn lime be used in chicken coop?

There are two types of barn lime. Ag lime or dolomite can be used to "sweeten" the chicken coop and area with no harm to the birds. Hydrated lime "burn lime" is caustic and should be kept away from Livestock including chickens.

Is lime good for killing fleas?

Normal lime (garden lime), as opposed to hydrated or dry lime, is a better option for killing fleas (and not harming your animal, while at it). Garden lime will suffocate both the fleas as well as their eggs. One of the most important things to remember when trying to rid your pet and house of fleas is that the environment should be controlled and maintained flea-free. This means that the pet's bedding should be regularly washed, and the pet should be kept away from dirt, if possible. Also, place flea bombs around your house. As for the use of lime, make sure you put some lime on dirt that your dog might step into. You should also sprinkle your carpeting and floors with lime. Read more: Will Hydrated Lime Kill Fleas? |

Will Lime Pellets help with Ticks and Fleas in your lawn?

Lime pellets will help with fleas and ticks in a lawn. The lime must be marked for "agricultural" or "hydrated" use, otherwise not enough moisture will be absorbed from the soil.

Where do you by lime?

It depends on where you are, a builders merchant for hydrated lime, an agricultural store for quicklime, a specialist merchant for hydraulic limes... send me your postcode and I'll find the closest for you...

Why does a brain need to be kept hydrated?

It uses about 80%

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