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Remote sensing is becoming useful for post earthquake damages. Remote sensing is used to assess the hazardous areas and changes after the earthquake.

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Which remote sensing technologies uses sound?


Why would a mapmaker use active remote sensing instead of passive remote sensing?

Active remote sensing uses its own electromagnetic radiation and use microwaves. It maps areas hard to map.

Importance of remote sensing in civil engineering?

remote sensing

How do landsat satellites collect data?

It uses remote sensing or in other words sonar.

What are the uses of a parallax bar in remote sensing?

It is used to measure the heights of buildings on an aerial photograph.

When was Indian Institute of Remote Sensing created?

Indian Institute of Remote Sensing was created in 1966.

When was Pakistan Remote Sensing Satellite created?

Pakistan Remote Sensing Satellite was created in 2011.

How is active remote sensing different from passive remote sensing?

Passive remote sensing picks up wave lengths of the light spectrum occurring on their own such light in photography. Active remote sensing will send out a wavelength of the spectrum and measure how it bounces back like radar.

What are Remote Sensing observational platforms?

The platforms that harbor remote sensing sensors (eg. cameras) are called remote sensing platforms. In earlier days, during military reconnaissance, pigeons attached with cameras were made to fly over areas of interest. In this case the platform is the bird. Balloons, airplanes and satellites that carry remote sensing sensors are examples of remote sensing platforms.

Role of remote sensing in enviromental management?

Remote Sensing is an important aspects. It helps to predict the environmental issues.

What are some non-satellite remote sensing technology?

What are some non-satellite remote sensing technology?

Which type of remote sensing system produces its own electromagnetic radiation and uses radar to gather data?


What is remote sensing used for?

Remote sensing is used for geography. Remote sensing is one of the tools in geography. Remote sensing is widely applied in science and day to day life.. from planning development for an area to daily weather forecasts. Images obtained from remote sensing give a bird's eye view. These images can be processed to derive information on temperature, minerals, crops, hydrology etc.

How can remote sensing help alleviate soil loss?

Remote sensing helps understand the soil structure and the crops that does well in such kind of soil. Remote sensing also helps understand the topography of a given area.Ê

Explain how the remote sensing satellites examined the earth from the space?

Explain how the remote sensing satellites examined the earth from the space?

Why are satellites used in remote sensing?

remote sensing satellites develop highly detailed and accurate maps on earths surface.

What has the author A Perryman written?

A. Perryman has written: 'Introduction to remote sensing and the LARST systems' -- subject(s): Remote sensing

What has the author M A Kawosa written?

M. A. Kawosa has written: 'Remote sensing of the Himalaya' -- subject(s): Remote sensing

How do you look for water on other planets or moons?

We can look for it by using these tecniqes. •Seeing it in rocks (meteorites) •Seeing it gravitationally •Seeing it spectroscopically (remote sensing) •Seeing morphological features of it (remote sensing) •Seeing it (remote sensing)

What is the opposite from remote sensing?

In situ?

What has the author Sm Ramasamy written?

Sm Ramasamy has written: 'Remote sensing in geology' -- subject(s): Geology, Remote sensing

What is band ratio in remote sensing?


What has the author R Kuittinen written?

R. Kuittinen has written: 'Remote sensing for hydrology' -- subject(s): Hydrology, Remote sensing

What is a sentence with the word remote sensing?

The new remote sensing devices have picked up a party of five, crossing our sector on foot.

Gathering information from a distance through images sound waves radio waves etc is called?

remote sensing.