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Q: What are the uses of slates?
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What are slates uses?

slate is rock that you find fossils in

When was Josh Slates born?

Josh Slates was born on March 13, 1976, in Fairfield, Iowa, USA.

How many slates 500 mm x 300 mm per meter squared?

6.66... slates.

Where can one purchase roof slates?

One can purchase roof slates on various websites like Amazon or eBay. One could also go to a local furniture store and ask if they have any roof slates for sale.

Victorians children would write on slates?

Yes they would, think of the slates as portable mini chalk boards, and that's how they were used.

What actors and actresses appeared in Burning the Slates - 2011?

The cast of Burning the Slates - 2011 includes: Jennifer Lynn Nuccitelli as Woman

Why were the jurors riding on their slates before the trial had even begun?

The jurors were riding on their slates before the trial had began because they already had a predetermined outcome.

Who invented the slate?

hat are slates

What is slates streak?

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What is slates parent rocks?


What are some synonyms for slates?


Why do slates fall from a roof?

the nails rust.

What did boys write on in school?

wax slates

What is slates crystal shape?

It is a metamorphic, foliated.

What do you do with slates in Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs?

In the past, you can talk to a lady outside the temples. Using whatever Pokemon slates you have, you can change your partner Pokemon. This only works when you are in the past.

How do you open the old slates in Pokemon ranger guardian signs?

after Celebi sends you into the past for a third time you can do "multiplayer" missions in the past (you can do them alone but with a friend is faster also the missions have a time limit), some of these missions involve battling the Pokemon on the slates and when you beat them and go back to the future the slates will break opening a the path for you.

What are the release dates for Burning the Slates - 2011?

Burning the Slates - 2011 was released on: USA: 3 April 2011 (Anthology Film Archives New Filmmakers Series)

How many 600mm x 300mm slates in a square meter?

600 mm x 300 mm = 0.6 m * 0.3 m = 0.18 sq metres. So number i 1 sq metre = 1/0.18 = 5.55... slates. However, this assumes that the some slates can be cut into thin strips most of which are used. If the offcuts are not (or cannot be) used you will need 7 slates to cover a square metre.

What is a Slater?

A Slater is someone who puts slates on a roof.

How did they keep records in Ancient Mesopotamia?

Carved on slates.

What was Fred flinstone place of employment?

Slates Quarry

Are there chain link that will add not deflect my lawn?

You can purchase slates that are called privacy slates that add alot of color to chain link fence and makes it not take away from the color and beauty of your lawn.

How many of different kind of fine grained slates are there?


What did Victorian children use to write with on slates?

slate pencil

What did children write with in World War 2?

Charcoal on slates