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Adjust valve clearance Intake COLD 0.21mm (0.008)in HOT 0.30mm (0.012)in Exhaust COLD 0.23mm (0.009)in HOT 0.30mm (0.012)in HOT = engine warmed up to normal operating temp. COLD = engine at ambient temp.

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Q: What are the valve spec for a 86 200sx ca20e motor?
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What is the torque spec a 1997 Saturn valve cover?

SOHC motor (T45 torx bit) 89 in-lbs DOHC motor (10mm bolts) 22 FT-lbs

What is the rocker arm lash spec for 3.8 ford motor?

There is no valve adjustment on this engine. You tighten the rocker arms in 2 stages. First stage, 44 in lbs. Second stage, 26 ft lbs. If you have valve clatter, you have worn valve train parts.

What does valve timing 0.006 mean on a camshaft spec card?

It is the "Advertised duration", used by the factory. It is the Valve timing from when the valve is .006inches off the valve seat to .006" off the valve seat.

What is the torque spec on the valve cover for a Hyundai accent 1.5?


What is the torque spec for Chrysler 518 transmission valve body?

100 in lbs

What is the valve spec for 96 Honda foreman 400?

.006 for intake and exhaust

What is valve lash adjustment spec on 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser L6?

valve lash should be set at 30 thou

What is the valve cover torque spec for a 1998 Hyundai Elantra?

The valve cover bolts need to be torqued to 72 to 84 IN-LBS

What is the torque spec for valve covers of a 2.5L Mitsubishi?

whats a head bolt torque of l300diesel2000

What is torque spec for 2001 altima valve cover?

The 2001 Nissan valve cover bolt torque specification is 45 pounds. The valve cover bolts should be torqued in 15 pound intervals.

How do you figure maximum speed of a 130 HP motor?

With the motors spec sheet or a tachometer.

What is the Valve clearance on 2007 Honda trx 250 ex?

.095 is the Honda spec i have the service manual

What is the torque spec for a 1995 Buick 3.8 liter valve cover gasket?

4 lb/ft

What is the Valve lash spec 1987 accord dx?

0.15mm intake 0.25mm exhaust

What is the valve clearance on gs850g?

For the Suzuki GS850G, the valve clearance spec is .03mm to .08mm for both intake and exhaust valves. Check here:

What is the timing spec for a 1974 Plymouth 360 motor?

see a chiltons repair manual from the library.

What year motor is gm 10066036?

1968-69 / 350cui

What is valve lash spec on 2003 Honda ATV trx250ex model?

the manual say's that both valves are .13mm

What are the valve lash specs for a Honda ATC 70?

From the Honda spec book: Intake = .002", Exhaust .002"

Motermounts .after market mounts?

Carquest is where i got mine... get motor mounts factory spec this will keep other parts of your engine from having to absorb the shock of the motor

How much does a 1987 Johnson 235 hp outboard motor weigh?

factory spec 398 lbs

What is the spec torque needed on a 1990 Jeep Wrangler valve cover bolt?

Probably no more than 18 Flbs.

What is the valve clearance on a Briggs strattoh 19.5hp model 31p677?

0.004 - 0.006" with the last one being the published spec.

What are Nissan 2.4 valve cover torque spec?

Valve covers aren't structural, they just need to be torqued down har enough to get the gasket against the cyinder head to be oil tight.

What is the fuel pressure supposed to be on a Dodge 5.2 Magnum motor?

1995 and earlier the spec is 39 plus or minus 5 psi. 1996 and later the spec is 49 plus or minus 5 psi.