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If your experiment is to determine if an egg with float in salty water, one of the variables would be the amount of salt used. Another variable would be the size of the egg.

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Will the ice float in salty water?

Yes. It'll float better (higher) in the salty water than it does in fresh water.

Is it easier to float or sink in salty water?


Why does an egg float in water and not it salty water?

A fresh egg don't float in pure water; in a salty water the floating depends on the concentration of the salt in solution. The salty water is more dense.

Do salty ice cubes float in water?

I think that salty ice cube do float in water because ice bergs float it water and they're made of salty water. i think i depends on the density (Amount of salt) in the ice

Do substances float in very salty water?

I think substances can float in very salty water, because salty water (example the dead sea)is much more denser than other any other non-salty water, so things will float much more easier.

Do things float more easily in fresh water or salty water?

Adding Salt to the water increases the density of the water, and therefore makes it weight more per capita. This in turn causes the salty water to push down with more force then water with no salt, causes things that may not float, to float, and things that already float in normal water, to float higher in salty water.

What formula makes an egg float?

You can float an egg in very salty water.

How can you find the conclusion for how salty does the sea have to be for an egg to float?

yes i proved my hypothesis correct. for my experiment to be correct it relied heavily on the density of the salt in the water

Why does ice float on salty water?

ice floats on salty water because it is less dense than the salt water

In which container did the egg float saly water or fresh water?


Where is a place with very salty water?

the dead sea has very salty water. you can float because of the high content of salt.

How salty does the water have to be for an egg to float?

10 teaspoon of salt

Why does lemon float in salty water?

due to buyonacy force

How does the amount of salt water affect an egg?

The egg will float at the salty water

Why is it easier to float in salty water tahn in flesh water?

It's easier to float in salty water because the water is not dense compared to fresh water. No its not! The other way around! The salt water is MORE dense than that of fresh water, so you float easier: there are more particles in that given space. :)

Why does a cork float in salt water?

because the density of water increases as the salt is added to the water ,this makes the cork float more in salty water !

Does adding certain substances to water make boats float better?

Yes, if it makes the water denser, the boat will float easier. For example, it is easier to float in salty water.

Is salty water more sense than cold water or more dense than less salty water?

Salt water is denser than fresh water. A ship will float higher on the oceans, and float lower on a fresh water inland lake.

How does a egg float on salty water?

the salt makes the water more dense so the egg is less dense than the water making it float.

Does eggs float better on salt water or fresh water?

the density of salty water is more than plain water. Therfore the upward force exerted by salty water on the egg is more than that of plain water.So eggs float better in salt water.

What are the variables used in the experiment on germination?

water and light

Which object will sink in simple water and float in salty water?

A Rock would obviously sink in water and a egg would float in salt water Believe it or not bowling balls that are denser than water float!

What is a good experiment for why is the ocean salty?

to get a glass of water and pour it on somebody

Is it easier to float in salt water or regular water?

Salt water is denser than fresh water, therefore, it is easier to float in. The Dead Sea is a landlocked lake of very salty water, it is very easy to float in.

What is the place in Utah that you can never sink as you float on its salty water?

Salt Lake

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