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If I had time, I might copy 7 or 8 pages from the Blue Book of Gun Values, but I'll let you find a copy at the library and read it for yourself. Be sure to look for sections on both the Pre-1964 models and those made after 1964.

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Q: What are the various Winchester 94 models and their descriptions?
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What is the age of a Winchester Model 94?

what is the year of winchester mod 94 sn 3295692

What model shotguns did Winchester make in 1982?

One of the models that Winchester made in 1982 was the model 94 shotgun. The model 70 was also made in 1982.

What is the age of Winchester 94 ss?

94 winchester 30\30 3503591

What does the 94 stand for in Winchester rifle?

The 94 in the winchester model 94 carbine stands for the year of its start of manufacture which was 1894.

How old is a Winchester 94 32WS?

when was a winchester mod 94 32ws ser# 978991 made

When was the last winchester 94 ranger made?

The Winchester model 94 ranger was made from 1985-2006.

When was the cross bolt safety added to the Winchester 94?

The crossbolt safety on Winchester 94 has been introduced in 1992.

How old is your 94 Winchester 4219878?

Your Winchester model 1894 was made by Winchester in 1975.

Where can you get a parts list or schematic for a 16 gauge Model 94?

You need to find more information about the firearm. Winchester made 25 different models of the "94" and they were not shotguns. Models like the 9410 were. Contact for some answers. * Ignore the first answer. A 16 gauge Model 94 is a Stevens/Savage shotgun.

What is the age of a Winchester Model 94 30-30 serial number 2394468?

Your Winchester Model 94 was manufactured in 1959........

Is a Winchester 94 serial?

Yes, the Model 94 has serial numbers.

What makes the gun a Winchester Model 94?

Winchester made about 28 versions of the Lever Action model 94. All were made by Winchester, all of them were rifles not guns.

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