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What are the various ways to solve nutrition problems?

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2010-11-05 01:31:12

Take nutrition supplements.

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Nutritional health problems arise when we don't create healthy

eating habits for ourselves. To solve this we have to change the

way we eat. Go to the health store, public library or book store

and find books on healthy eating. Healthy eating starts with eating

less red meat and substituting it for chicken, turkey, fish, beans

which you can receive all the protein requirements from them. Milk

causes mucus in our bodies which is a breeding ground for disease.

Eat lots of cooked and raw veggies, raw veggie juice. Eat an

abundance of fruits especially apples. Try Fuji apples they are

delicious. Drink plenty of water. Read the labels on the food you

buy. Books will tell you what to avoid.

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