What are the vitamins that can be taken as a precautionary measure during the prenatal period to suppress morning sickness?

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When pregnant, consult your health care professional before adding any supplements to your diet or before you use over the counter or prescription drugs. Some people believe that Vitamin B6, Folate will help with morning sickness.
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What are the precautionary measures should be done during an earth quake?

The appended link gives details on a response plan for personal safety. Major efforts should be directed towards getting to a place of safety preferably out of doors away from the potental of falling objects. No effort should be made during the earthquake to recover valuables or pets. Following t ( Full Answer )

Precautionary measures for volcanic eruption?

There is no way you can be protected from lava, I would suggest getting away. In the event of an enormous ash cloud I would say get some cover for over your house.

Precautionary measures should be taken before typhoon?

Some precautionary measures you can take before a typhoon includetying everything down that may float away and insuring yourproperty. Typhoons are dangerous, so you will need to ensure thatyou and your family are safe.

Precautionary measures inside the laboratory?

1. Conduct yourself in a responsible manner at all times in the laboratory. 2. Be familiar with your lab assignment before you come to lab. Follow all written and verbal instructions carefully. If you do not understand a direction or part of a procedure, ask the teacher before proceeding. 3. Nev ( Full Answer )

What Precautionary measures exact meaning?

¨Precautionary measures are steps/actions which are carried out toensure that nothing bad happens, e.g. an accident in thelaboratory.. ¨Precautionary measures are steps/actions which are carried out toensure that nothing bad happens, e.g. an accident in thelaboratory. SNAN ACTION TAKEN TO AVO ( Full Answer )

What are precautionary measures?

Precautionary measures are actions taken to prevent something else.A parent blocking off a staircase from a small child is aprecautionary measure taken so that the child does not fall downthe stairs.

What are the precautionary measures of a tsunami?

warning sirens ring in case of tsunami prediction people should move to higher ground immidiately when they feel the ground shake and hi!! I am a big fan of Shahid Kapoor!!

What are the precautionary measures before an earthquake?

There are many precautions that families can take in order toprepare for earthquakes. Families can pack an overnight bag aheadof time and have a plan to meet their family if their home isdestroyed.

What are precautionary measure?

Precautionary measures are steps/actions which are carried out to ensure that nothing bad happens, e.g. an accident in the laboratory. Some measures may be wearing safety goggles, tying hair back, using the safety flame on Bunsen burners, and wearing gloves.

What are the precautionary measures to take before during and after a volcanic eruption?

the precautionary measures to take during a volcanic erruption are to evacuate the citizens of which the lava would effect as quick as possible that is mandatory and without casing even more destruction vent the sulfuric fumes and redirection of the hot lava into open land or river yes this will eva ( Full Answer )

What are the precautionary measures during typhoon?

When a typhoon comes, it is essential that you stay calm first.Stay indoors and always tune in to the latest weather report. Heedthe advice of the local authorities if they ask you to evacuateyour area.

What are the precautionary measures related to electricity?

Assume that all overhead wires are energized at lethal voltages. Never assume that a wire is safe to touch even if it is down or appears to be insulated. . Never touch a fallen overhead power line. Call the electric utility company to report fallen electrical lines. . Stay at least 10 feet (3 mete ( Full Answer )

What precautionary measures before during and after tsunami?

Before a tsunami . Watch out for warning signs.Remember to run uphill when you are near the shore and you fell anearthquake, when you observe animals heading uphill or away fromthe shore, or when you observe the water at the beach recede intothe sea. During a Tsunami . If you run uphill on ( Full Answer )

Is it okay to not have morning sickness during pregnancy?

I am 8 weeks today and I haven't had any morning sickness at all. My doctor says I am just one of the lucky ones. I have been worried myself about it from the start, but I have talked to pleanty of women who never got sick either. I hope it stays this way because you can have sickness any time durin ( Full Answer )

What is a prenatal period?

The prenatal period is anytime from the time of conception until the baby is born.

A girl has not had her period in at least a six weeks she has taken three pregnancy tests all say no but she is putting mroe weight on and is being sick in the morning and more is she pregnant?

lol, you preggo.. It is possible that she could be pregnant. Though weight gain could be attributed to other things. In the first little bit you will gain a little but shouldn't to much. But every woman is different. At this point if she still hasn't gotten her period it is time to see a doctor. Th ( Full Answer )

What precautionary measure means?

cautions means to "take care" pre cautionary means to take care of something before it is an issue or it happens. precautionaly measure would encompass things like birth control-to not get pregnant, low cholesterol diet-to avoid strokes,wearing a condom to not get a std, or even wearing sun screen t ( Full Answer )

Precautionary measures in the laboratory and their symbols?

These should be covered in your textbook, possibly at the beginning or at the end as an appendix. If the book doesn't clear it up, ask your teacher, because precautionary symbols are there for a reason-- to protect you from harm.

How often is blood taken during prenatal visits?

Your blood is generally taken at every pre-natal visit.. 1. To check you blood sugar,gestational diabetes can happen anytime.. 2 To check your iron levels. Even if you are taking your pre-natal vitamins, even otherwise healthy pregnant women can get anemic.. If you are vegan, this is especially i ( Full Answer )

What are precautionary measures against flood?

having a house on stilts, not building homes near to water or flood areas, not having glass windows, and having a community safety center that you can go to in the event of a flood as well as building dams and or levees

What kind of vitamins are in prenatal vitamins?

Answer The prevalent vitamins found in any good prenatal supplement are Iron and folic acid Iron supports various aspects of the immune system and is important in a wide range of biological processes. A healthy diet with adequate amounts of folic acid may reduce a woman's risk of having a child ( Full Answer )

Precautionary measures during after and before volcanic eruption?

Volcanic eruptions happen with early warnings unlike earthquakes that are sudden. There are early warning signs before a volcano erupts so there is at least time for residents around the volcano to prepare before the actual eruption occurs. People should know that before a volcano erupts there are w ( Full Answer )

What precautionary measures should you take during a volcanic eruption?

If you're caught in a volcanic eruption, the best thing you can do is evacuate the area immediately, and keep away from the downwind area of the volcano, and surrounding valleys. Keep a battery-operated radio at hand as in any natural disaster, for news and emergency information. If you cannot leav ( Full Answer )

What are Precautionary measures in case of earthquakes?

I think you mean "reactionary" if it's during an earthquake. In general, stay away from anything unstable, and if you're near anything likely to fall down then seek shelter under something strong. . go under the table . go to the saftey place . go at the exit . A person should make sure ( Full Answer )

Does a dog get sick during period?

yes just like they do when they're not on it. Besides the bolting and discomfort they feel. Why are you talking about your self that's not nice at all that's mean D:

Can taking prenatal care stop morning sickness?

Neither prenatal care nor prenatal vitamins are likely to have much of an effect on your morning sickness. You'll obviously get some guidance in prenatal care on how to reduce it if it's a problem, they may prescribe you medication if it's causing dehydration (although this is incredibly rare). Just ( Full Answer )

Precautionary measures during volcanic eruption?

some safety measures are: 1. In case your house is located with in a few kilometers of the volcano, you must evacuate it at once. You might like to take all your important belongings with you or may be just leave them there. 2. Earthquakes are one among quite normal occurrences with the active vo ( Full Answer )

What happens during the prenatal period?

The term prenatal period refers to the time in pregnancy between conception and birth. The prenatal period last for 40 weeks, which is roughly nine months. The prenatal period is divided into three trimesters, with each trimester lasting approximately three months. During this time, the embryo dev ( Full Answer )

Does everybody get morning sickness during pregnancy?

No. Some women have it right from around 2 weeks after sex, some women have it all the way through pregnancy, some women only have it for a couple of weeks, some women don't experience it until the end of pregnancy and some women never get it. Just like every woman's body is different, the pregnancy ( Full Answer )

What to eat for morning sickness during pregnancy?

Generally speaking you want to opt for dry solid foods such as drytoast and crackers. Drink peppermint or ginger tea to settle yourstomach too. Everyone finds different things work for them, justuse common sense (e.g. no scoffing a hot Indian curry) and listento your body.

What are the precautionary measures when high tides?

Always be ready.  . Listen to the news on radio / TV . Listen to the announcement of the Government Officials . Evacuate when said already . Listen to the warnings and the instructions given.