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Well, depending on the field they specialize in and where they work, that's what makes the difference in what the lawyer is paid. Family lawyers are one of the types of lawyers that earn the lower salaries: i.e. $40k - $70k. Some people tend to think criminal lawyers get paid more... but that's not true. Criminal public lawyers get paid less because they do not work in a private firm. Criminal lawyers that do private cases are often paid more.

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Q: What are the wages lawyers usually get paid?
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Are lawyers paid by salary or wages?

Lawyers are paid salary or wages depending on their type of employment. Permanent attorneys get paid salaries while contract attorneys receive hourly pay.

Can lawyers garnish wages?

Lawyers do not have the ability to garnish wages. That is the jurisdiction of the courts. A lawyer can petition the court for a garnishment for their fees.

Why does New York lawyers make more than Ohio lawyers?

The prevailing cost of living in a partcular area versus another area has MUCH to do with the wages being paid for ANY job or profession.

What is the difference between wages and salaries?

Wages usually refers to per hour amounts. ($9.50 per hour) Salaries usually refers to a set amount of money that is paid to someone regardless of the amount of hours he\she actually works. ($300 per week) Certainly in the UK wages are usually paid weekly (possibly in cash) and salaries are paid monthly, by cheque or direct to a bank account.

What do you call wages earned but not paid?

Wages earned but not paid are referred to as "accrued wages." or a pay in arrears.

What are lawyers hourly wages?

500,980 per hour. they are rich money Also thay get paid over 5,000,000 per year am I right. Brianna

Who gets paid more judges or lawyers?


Can lawyers get paid in advance?

Yes they do get paid.

How much do McDonald's workers get paid?

Crew members usually start off with minimum wages.

Are human resource managers also lawyers?

Not usually, but they do need to know workplace law in regards to Wages and Hours, Sexual Harrassment, and Discrimination.

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Who get paid the most doctors or lawyers?

Lawyers can "potentially" make more since they usually get 40% of a monetary award, but they have to do pretty good business to exceed the income of an MD, which is usually a set salary over 6 figures when established.

How much do lawyers get paid in there salary?

they get paid $500 DOLLARS

How much paid when working at forever 21?

Usually $8.00 per hour. Wages vary depending on location

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What are private sector wages?

They are the wages paid to employees in the private sector.

How much does criminal lawyers get paid?

a criminal lawyer gets paid as much as $ 5,000 and up depending on their case so criminal lawyers get paid a huge bunddle !!

Was a medieval chef paid?

Medieval chefs like other medieval workers for the gentry were usually paid in keep (paid in food and accommodation and clothing). With only a small amount in wages (money).

What liability account would hold the balance of wages due but not yet paid Wage Expense Prepaid Wages or Wages Payable?

Wages Payable Payable accounts holds amount owned but not yet paid.

How much does an alderman get paid?

Most aldermen do not get paid because the job is usually considered an act of civic duty. However in some larger cities, it is a paid, full time position and the wages vary.

What are lawyers earning?

Lawyers have a very wide range of incomes. Lawyers are extremely well paid for what they do (clients are usually billed at the rate of at least $300/hour of legal work, and it can be much higher) however, not all lawyers get as much work as they want to have. No one is obligated to seek your services as a lawyer, and there are a lot of lawyers to choose from. At the present time, there is an over supply. We are drowning in lawyers.

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