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wnba players make max.$30 million a year


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Donna Orender is the current president of the WNBA Players Association.

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The Women's National Basketball Association(WNBA) is the NBA for women basketball players

There are 11 players on each of the 13 teams. 143 players total.

No, but in NBA Live 09 for Wii, you can play as 20 different WNBA players.

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There are no age restrictions for WNBA players, but to be eligible a player must have gone through a year of college.

The majority is heterosexual.

There are currently 11 players on each of the 13 teams. 143 total.

YES!!!!!NBA players make a LOT MORE.

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There is no restriction. There have been 5'2" players (A'Quonesia Franklin) and there have been 7'2" players (Margo Dydek).

2008-2010 arsenal players get 20,000 a week

Well.. there are the NBA, WNBA, College, Highschool players. They come in different sizes.

No! Retired players Sheryl Swoops openly admitted to being gay. I believe Teresa Weatherspoon is Gay and Chamique Holdsclaw just had a lovers quarrel with a current wnba player.Out of current nba players who are gay they are: Simone Augustus, Jennifer Lacy.

Dunks have happened once or twice in the sport's history, but ultimately no.

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The WNBA revenue falls well short of the amount they spend on players. The exact numbers weren't given, but it is below the $10.3 million they pay on salaries.

No one if you don't count families of the players, coaches, etc

WNBA players do not make as much as NBA players because there is not as many revenue producing sponsors to market the league due to the fact that there are not nearly as many viewers who watch the WNBA as the NBA. The more people watch the sport, the more money advertisers will pay to market the sport, which means more exposure for the league and increased revenue from game attendance, jersey sales, community activities (etc.)

Nobody really knows, but they make six figures (more than the players).

Being one of the best players in the Womens National Basketball Legue (WNBA)

In the WNBA they're saleries are between $30,000-$100,000.

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