What are the water droplets outside of a glass is?


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The water droplets are the result of the humidity in the air colling down and condensing on the outside of the glass. When water evaporates it turns into water vapor or steam we call the amount of water vapor in the air humidity. condensation is the reverse of evaporation and is also responsible for rain.

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the water droplets indicate that the air is cooler on one side of the glass. If the droplets are inside, then the outside is cooler. If the droplets are outside, it means the inside is cooler.

Water droplets may form on the outside of a glass of water as a result of condensation. This is also how dew forms on grass.

The air outside the glass has water vapor in it. This is cooled and condenses on the glass.

The cold water chills the glass so the warm water vapour in the air, condenses on the cooler surface of the glass, hence the water droplets are formed.

If the glass and its contents were cold, moisture in the warmer atmosphere would condense on the glass and and form droplets.

the glass is cold, so water vapor condenses in the air to the cup

What your seeing is known as condensation. The water droplets on the glass are "dew"- the surface of the glass in cooling much quicker than the temperature of the air around the glass.

It is a physical change. The cool glass will cause humidity to condensate and form droplets of water.

If these appear because the glass it could (and not because you are spraying it with water) then it is called "condensation".

The droplets of water on the outside of my cold glass of soda are due to condensation.

Fog and dew also consist of water droplets. You will also notice water condensing on the outside of a glass of a cold beverage.

Droplets form on the outside of a glass which contains a cold drink because the cold surface reduces the temperature of the surrounding layer of air. This causes water vapour in the air to condense on the surface of the glass.

Its called water vapor.Its happens when the outside is really hot or warm and the inside of whatever is cool or cold.

If warm moist air comes into contact with the cold outer surface of a glass of water, condensation takes place.

If there is a cold liquid in the glass, water vapor in the air around the glass will be cooled and drops of liquid water will condense.

The cold glass cools the air surrounding the glass. This in turn condenses water vapor in the air such that little water droplets form around the surface of the glass. These droplets are what you recognize as being moist :)

The effect is called Condensation You can look this up easily.

Water vapor is always present in the air in varying amounts. When this water vapor comes in contact with the cold surface of the glass it cools and condenses.

Water droplets will be formed only in that case in which the water is chilled or cold. This is due to condensation of water vapors present in the atmosphere...... As soon as they strike the cold glass, their temperature decreases, due to which there is a change in the state of matter from gas to liquid.....

Evaporation, or changing the phase of the water from liquid to a vapor (gas).

When it clings to a nearby cold glass, water vapor loses it's energy and turns into tiny water droplets on the outside of the cold glass. This is called condensation. You may have noticed it before. If not, next time you have a cold glass of water or pop, wait for a little bit, then look at the outside of the glass.

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