What are the weak and strong points of obama?

This is a difficult question to answer objectively, since his supporters would say he has mostly strong points, while his opponents would say he has no strong points at all. Looking at what he does well, most political analysts praise Mr. Obama for his ability to stay focused and not be distracted by others who are getting upset. He is extremely knowledgeable and determined, and he does not let circumstances deter him, even when it seems the odds are against him. And even his detractors admit he is a very good speaker and able to inspire an audience. As for his weaknesses, his main one is that he is too cerebral: he sometimes comes across like a professor rather than as a motivator. He also does not seem to enjoy the part of politics where you hang out and "shmooze" with people -- he seems to have a difficult time acting as if he enjoys socializing. While he does like people, he prefers spending time with his closest friends, rather than going to parties or being involved in the social scene.