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anywhere from 85 pounds torque to 90 pounds torque will work, but factory is 87 pounds torque. personnally, i set mine at 100 pounds torque

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โˆ™ 2006-02-10 20:52:30
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Q: What are the wheel nuts torque on a 89 240sx?
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What is the wheel lug nut torque for an 89 Nissan 240sx?

It should be around 80 lb/ft. To be sure look in your owner's manual or call a Nissan dealer. Do not over-torque or you will warp the rotors.

Will a 91-93 240sx bumper fit on an 89 240sx?

Yes, late model bumpers will fit on 89-90 240sx

There is a grinding in my rear wheels in my 89 Nissan 240sx when i reverse what is ithow do i fix it?

Brakes or wheel bearings. Have it looked into ASAP.

How much oil 2.4 Nissan 240sx?

how many quarts of engine oil does 89 240sx takes

What is torque specs for 89 suburban?

torque specs for an 89 chevy suburban

How fast does a 89 240sx go?

NOT VERY ,130HORSEPOWER............

Fuel pump fuse blowing in my 89 240sx?

I have a 91 240SX and had a similar issue, my Fuel Pump had to be replaced.

Will a fender from a 91 240sx fit an 89 240sx?

Yes, even though the front bumpers are different the fenders are the same

What is timing of ka24e engine in 89 Nissan 240sx?


What is s13?

its the chassis code for 89-94 Nissan 240sx

Easy engine swap for 89 240sx?

The easiest engine swaps for a 240sx would be an sr20det or a ca18det as these require no modification to the motor mount location.

89 Nissan 240sx transmission control unit location?

how the transmission module works

What would make a poping and grinding in the front passenger wheel and pull to the right on a 89 Dodge Dynasty?

A bad CV joint, wheel bearing, severe brake problems, loose lug nuts,....

Hey im wondered if you can put 91-94 240sx front bumper and side fender and hood on a 89 240 because im dont really like the holes in the front wit the 89?

I bought a 89 240sx from my buddy, he had a 92 parts car and i replaced both fenders and the front bumper on the 89 with the 91 parts. In order for the bumper to fit you have to replace the inner 89 bumper with the 91.

How do you fit an rb26dett in 89 240sx?

it will take lots of time and modification, just get it done by a shop

Will a 89 Nissan 240sx motor and ecu go in a 93?

NO, to pass smog test, it all needs to be original

How do you adjust the accelerator pedal on 89 240sx?

You can't adjust the gas pedal. Unless you cut and weld the arm of it.

Do 89 olds regency have steering wheel airbag?

no it does not have a steering wheel

How do you replace an electric antenna on a 89 caprice classic?

In my 89 you need to remove the wheel and the inside wheel housing, to get full access to the antenna.

Horsepower for 89 Isuzu 2.3l?

96hp, 128 torque.

What type of valves does a 1989 Nissan 240SX have?

>>"What type of valves does a 1989 Nissan 240SX have?" what exactly are you asking? the factory motor for the 240sx's, years '89-'90, is the KA24E, single cam, 2.4 liters, 12 valve. It has two intake valves, and one output valve.

What are the release dates for Wheel of Fortune - 1983 Wheel Into 1997 4 14-89?

Wheel of Fortune - 1983 Wheel Into 1997 4 14-89 was released on: USA: 9 January 1997

Will a 91 Nissan 240sx hatchback engine fit in a 89 Nissan 240sx coupe?

Yup. you must transfer the whole wiring harness and the ecu though, the job is easy and straight forward, everything is plug and play

Is 116638 miles on a 1987 Nissan 240SX bad?

116638 is fairly low mileage, but they did not make the 240SX until 1989. My 89 coupe has around 136000 on it (don't know exactly because someone tampered with the mileage)

Torque value on valve cover on 1997 Saturn sl2?

89 inch lbs. or 7.44 ft. lbs of torque

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