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the withers are the bump just after where the mane stops. the saddle should be just behind the withers. the withers are the bump just after where the mane stops. the saddle should be just behind the withers.

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Where on a horse is it mesured from hands?

A horse is measured in hands from its withers to its hoof. The withers is at the base of the neck. :]

Does a draft horse require a bigger saddle than a regular sized horse?

It depends on the size of the horse's withers (or shoulders.) To ensure that the saddle does not pinch the withers, one should have the withers measured, then select a saddle which will not pinch the withers and is both comfortable for horse and rider.

How big is a frisian horse?

This horse is about 15 hands tall at the withers. The withers is at the base of the neck. Each hand is about 4in.

Where are a mule's withers?

The withers is the spot between the shoulder blades on the back of the horse or mule.

Are the withers on a horse at the shoulders or the back?

The withers on a horse, (or any related animal) is the highest point on the back, located between the shoulder blades.

What is the Minimum height of a horse?

In general there is no minimum height for a horse(species). The shortest horse ever is only 17 inches tall at the withers. The minimum height for horse-horse (i.e. not a pony), is 14.3 hands high at the withers.

Where on a horses body is the withers?

The horse withers is at the end of the mane right above the shoulders. Hope that helps! :)

Where are a horses withers?

The horse's withers are the top of its shoulders, where the neck joins the body. This is where the horse is measured (height is taken from the withers not the head) and also where the saddle sits.

What is the ridge between the shoulder blades of a horse?

the answer is Withers :)

Whereabouts on a horse do you measure its height?

The withers - the shoulders.

What is the size for a short appaloosa horse?

14.1 hands (1.45 m) at the withers The bigger sized Appaloosa Horse is approximately 15.1 hands (1.55 m) at the withers.

Where is the heart girth on a horse?

between the horse's elbows and its withers.

Where do you put a saddle on a horse?

on the back between the mane and the withers

Does the hands of a horse go up to its head?

no, the hands of a horse only go up to the withers

Where are a horse's withers?

This is the place where both shoulders come together on top of the back just behind the neck. a horse's withers are right above the shoulders. if you place a saddle on the horse, the pommel or front of the saddle would rest lightly on the back of the withers.the withers is the point on the horse about where there mane ends. It is the arching part above their shoulders

Is a pony a type of horse?

A pony is a horse that is under 14.2 hands high at the withers, so yes a pony is a type of horse.

How high is a falabella horse?

they are usually about 76cm (30cm) tall at the withers.

What size saddle for a 15.2 hand horse?

It depends on how wide their withers are.

What is the prominent ridge where the neck and the back join on a horse?

This is called the Withers

Which is the biggest horse in the world?

The largest breed of horse is the Shire, averaging 17 hands high (5' 8" to the withers). They have been known to reach over 20 hands (6' 8" to the withers).

What measurement would you use to measure a horse?

HAND (one hand = 4 inches). The horse is measured from the ground to the top of the withers,The withers are defined as follows (Wikipedia):The withers is the highest point on the back of a non-upright animal, on the ridge between its shoulder blades The withers in horses are formed by the dorsal spinal processes of roughly the 3rd through 11th thoracic vertebrae (most horses have 18 thoracic vertebrae), which are unusually long in this area. The processes of the withers can be more than 12" (30cm) in height on the average horse. Since they do not move relative to the ground (as does the horse's head), the height of a horse is measured from the ground to the withers. Horse sizes are extremely variable, from small pony breeds to large draft breeds. The height of the withers on an average Thoroughbred is 16 hands (5' 4").

How many hands is the pinto horse?

The Pinto Horse is 14.1-15.1 hands (1.45-1.55 m) at the withers.

How do you measure a horse for a winter blanket?

Around the girth, from the withers to the tail dock.

Where do you put an English saddle on a horse?

You put it on their withers, on top of the saddle pad

How many hands would a 4'3'' horse be?

A horse that's 4' 3" at the withers will be 12.3 hands high.