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potassium + oxygen --> potassium oxide

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Q: What are the word and chemical equation for the reaction that cause potassium to tarnish?
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What are the chemical and word equations for the reaction that causes potassium to tarnish?

potassium + oxygen --> potassium oxide

What is the chemical reaction called when silver and sulfur in the air is combined to produce tarnish?


What is the chemical equation of the tarnish of silver?

2 Ag + S = Ag2S

Is tarnished silver a chemical change?

Tarnish on silver is Silver Oxide, which is oxidised silver. This is indeed a chemical reaction.

A color change on metal that is caused by a chemical change is called?

Tarnish refers to the color change on metal that is caused by a chemical reaction. Tarnish can be removed with baking soda and boiling water.

What are the word equation for the reaction that causes sodium to tarnish?

Sodium+Oxeygen->Sodium Oxide 4Na+O2->2Na2O

Is the ability to tarnish physical or chemical change?

Neither. Tarnishing is a chemical change. The ability to tarnish is a chemical property.

Is the ability to tarnish a physical or chemical?


Why does jewelry tarnish?

When any type of metal is affected by heat, moisture, or gases, the metal begins to tarnish. This is a chemical reaction to whatever substance the metal has come in contact with and is able to react with it.

Is tarnishing of silver a chemical or physical?

The tarnishing of silver is due to a reaction with hydrogen sulfide. Because the end result of the tarnish is silver sulfide, it is a chemical change.

Is tarnish a physical or chemical change?

chemical change

Is tarnish of silver a physical or chemical change?


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