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Q: What are the words to the rhyme Adam Hicks says in the song on Lemonade Mouth?
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Do mouth and out rhyme?

no the end sound of the two words don't sound the same, very little rhymes with mouth, other than south or other words which finish in mouth

How many words rhyme without?

many like spout,mouth,cloud...AnswerSpoutLoutGroutGoutRoutBoutAboutFloutDevoutTroutSurtout (a type of jacket or waistcoat)CloutDoubtUmlautI disagree with the above: mouth and cloud do not rhyme with out. The ending has to be the sound of OUT or OWT, or AUT in umlaut.

Does in rhyme with out?

No. The word "in" does not rhyme with out.Examples of words that rhyme with out:AboutBoutCloutDoubtFloutGoutGroutLoutPoutRoutShoutSnoutStoutToutTroutExamples of words that rhyme with in:BinDinFinGinHenMenSinTenTinWhenWenWinYenYinZen

How many words rhyme with yule?

30 words rhyme with yule.Some words that rhyme with yule:CoolCruelDroolDuelFerruleFeruleFoolFuelGhoulJewelMinisculeMinusculeMisruleMoleculeMuleOverrulePlayschoolPoolPuleRetoolRidiculeRuleSchoolSpoolStoolToolTulleUncoolVestibuleYou'll

What words rhyme with gays?

Words that Rhyme with gays:baysblazebraiseclaysdaysdazeflaysglazegreysgrazehazejayslaysmazemaizeMaysneighsnayspaysphraseplayspraysraysslaysspaysspraysstaysstraystazetrayswaysWaze

What are some words that rhyme with nice?

Words that rhyme with nice:diceicelicemicepricericespicespliceslicethricetwicevice

What words rhyme with loop?

Words that rhyme with loop include:coopcroupdroophooppoopstoopsouptroop

What words rhyme with rhyme?


What does External rhyme mean?

External rhyme is rhyme that happens on the "outside" of the poem. In other words, the words at the end of the lines rhyme.

What words rhyme with looks?

Words that rhyme with looks include:booksbrooksChinookscookscrookshooksnooks,rooksschnook

What real words rhyme with mom?

Some words that can rhyme with Mom:balmbombcalmpalmprompsalmtom

What words Rhyme with the word look?

The following words rhyme with look:BetookBookBrookCookCrookFlookForsookHookKookMistookNookPartookRookSchnookShookTookUnhook

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