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you have to make sure everything you do is on point and you get along with your co workers and adjust your self to your work hours

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How much do an executive chef make an hour?

Executive Chefs are normally not hourly, they are salary. The average income is about 95k- 150k a year. The salary of an Executive Chef is very dependant upon the area in which the chef is working. The actual average salary for an Executive Chef is not that high. The average salary of 95k-150k would be for a Corporate Executive Chef. An Executive Chef average salary is only about 50k-85k a year.

What are working conditions for pastry chef?

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What is the difference between an executive chef and chef de cuisine?

Chef de cuisine is the working chef in the restaurant & in charge of the kitchen & execution of what's coming out of the kitchen. Whereas, the executive chef oversees all staff & restaurant(s) & doesn't do the day-to-day cooking.

What are different levels of chefs?

Cooking Professionals:Certified CulinarianCertified Sous ChefCertified Ched de CuisineCertified Executive ChefCertified Master ChefPersonal Cooking Professionals:Personal Certified ChefPersonal Certified Executive ChefBaking / Pastry Professionals:Certified Pastry CulinarianCertified Working Pastry ChefCertified Executive Pastry ChefCertified Master Pastry Chef

What can you do with a chef degree?

A chef degree is a degree in Culinary Arts. One may use this to one's advantage to get a job working as a Sous Chef or Executive Chef in many types of restaurants. Many of these types of jobs pay very well.

Duties and responsibilities of executive chef?

The executive chef or head chef is in charge of everything that comes in or out of the kitchen, including the staff. An executive chef is also in charge of making sure each person does their job in the fastest way possible.

WhAT IS THE pecking order of chefs?

-Line chef -sous chef -chef de cuisine -executive chef

Average starting salary of a chef?

The national average salary of an Executive Chef is $68,000 a year. However, no one starts as an executive chef, they start as an alternative chef such as a Sous Chef. The national average for a Sous Chef is $42,000 a year.

What is a master chef?

A master chef is the person who is in charge of the other chefs and who oversees the general work flow. This position is not to be confused with that of the executive chef. ANSWER I would consider a master chef to be near the top of their game. They would probably be either head chef or executive chef or might not even be cheffing as a job. But they would be one of the best in their speciality, either in their country or in the world. Executive chef spends most of the time, either doing management side of things, writing menu's or food ordering. They spend a little time in the kitchen. Their orders come first. Head Chef will be either the main chef if there is no executive chef or the main chef in the kitchen. if the executive chef is not there, the head chef will be in charge. Does spend some time out of kitchen too. Sous chef means second in charge. When the head chef isn't there and there isn't a executive chef, the sous chef is in charge. The master chef is in charge of all chefs...

What is the difference between a sous chef and executive sous chef?

A "Sous Chef" answers directly to and assists the Head Chef or Executive Chef of a usually smaller restaurant. When you start getting into large hotels, resorts and what have you, there can easily be upwards of 5, 7, 10 restaurants on the premises. Each restaurant might possibly have there own "Chef de Cuisine" who in turn would have a "Sous Chef" under them specific for that restaurant. Depending on the amount of volume a hotel or resort may have, there could only be a "Sous Chef" under the Executive Chef to run an individual restaurant. Now.... The Difference between the "Executive Sous Chef" and a regular "Sous Chef" Is when there is a huge hotel or resort with say, 6 restaurants on site, There will only be ONE HOTEL Executive Chef who is in charge of all food operations underneath the Food and Beverage Director. The Hotel/Resort Executive Chef Will have an "Executive Sous Chef" as his DIRECT assistant. He does not answer to Restaurant Executive Chefs but they may take orders from him and so on down the chain of command. "Sous Chef" will take orders from........ Food and Beverage Director>Hotel/Resort Executive Chef>Executive Sous Chef>Restaurant Executive Chef (Chef de Cuisine)>Sous Chef>Kitchen Lead/Manager>Cook 1>2>3.... ect. Hope this makes sense to everyone!!!

What are the working conditions of being a chef?

Long hours is a huge working condition, you could get cuts and burns, but it is all worth it once you get the pay.

How much does an executive chef make weekly?

About 36,000 for a head chef. but It depends on what chef works with.

Who is the second chef?

The second chef is more commonly known as the Sous Chef, french for second chef. Basically, the Sous Chef is second in charge of the kitchen brigade of chefs and apprentices. The Head or Executive Chef is the person in charge. A kitchen can have more than one Sous Chef; in larger restaurants, there could be 5 or more Sous Chefs, in which case there could be an Executive Sous Chef. This position would be responsible for managing the Sous Chefs. The Executive Sous Chef is also answerable to the Executive or Head Chef of the Restaurant.

What are the names of the different chef titles?

Sous ChefPastry ChefHead ChefCommisSaucierExecutive ChefGarde Manger

What are Chef the different Chef positions?

There's an Executive Chef, Head Chef, Sous Chef, Pastry Chef, Chef de Partie (Station Chef), and Garde Manger (pantry chef).

What is definition of executive chef?


Do you call a sous chef 'chef'?

It depends on the circumstance. If the sous-chef outranks you, it is not necessarily wrong to address them as "Chef". Usually the title is reserved for the Executive Chef or Head Chef, and addressing one of their subordinates as "Chef" in their presence could be perceived as an insult. It depends on the kitchen dynamic (formal/informal), and the ego of the chefs you work with! If the Sous Chef is taking over due to the Executive Chef being absent then calling him/her "Chef" is acceptable. * I would always address my Sous Chef as chef. There can be more than one person called Chef in a kitchen. Chefs due call each other Chef in a working situation. But I also agree with the above that it greatly depends on the kitchen dynamic. And the egos!

Is an executive chef the same as a head chef?

No. A head chef is usually the chef in charge of a single operation and is a "hands on" chef. An executive chef is a chef over multiple operations and works more in an office style capacity leading other head chefs or chef de cuisine. You will usually not find an executive chef on the line during the Saturday night better find the head chef on there though. Some operations will title a head chef as an "executive chef", but this is just dressing up the title.One is the same as the other just different ways of saying it. Executive chef is a term used in hotels with large kitchens that have many different chefs employed. Different answer I have answered this on an alternate question. See

Who is the actor playing the chef in the ediets commercial?

Chef Gui Alinat, a chef fro Provence living and working in Tampa, FL Chef Gui Alinat, a chef fro Provence living and working in Tampa, FL Chef Gui Alinat, a chef fro Provence living and working in Tampa, FL Chef Gui Alinat, a chef fro Provence living and working in Tampa, FL

What are the different Positions in a kitchen?

Escoffier created whats called the classical kitchen brigade -Chef de cuisine (executive chef) -Sous chef (2nd in command) -chef de partie (station chef who reports to executive and sous chef) -saucier (saute chef) -poissonier (fish chef) -Rotisseur (roast chef/sauces or jus) -Grillardin (grill chef) -friturier (fry chef) -entremetier (vegetable chef) -garde manger (cold kitchen chef) -patissier (pastry chef) -tournant (swing cook) -aboyuer (expiditer) but in contemporary kitchens the stations are simpilar with executive chef, sous chef and their assistant chefs.

Job description and work conditions for a chef?

Some large kitchens have more than one chef on the payroll. The chef's are the chiefs of the kitchen, they oversee the production of the food that is served to their customers. It can be a stressfull job and with long hours, up to fifty hours a week is not uncommon. The executive chef is responsible for the huge amount of paper work that is required, while the sous chef is in charge of the cooks and general operations of the kitchen on a day to day basis. The sous chef reports directly to executive chef.

What are the benefits of an executive chef?

they get to tell people what to do:)

What happens when you get promoted being a chef?


How much does a chef at wegmans make?

Sous chef = $40,000-$60,000 Store chef= up to $70,000 Executive=alot!!

Which hotels in New York are currently hiring for executive chef positions?

Executive chef positions are currently being advertised for at the Rosewood Hotels and Resorts, the Woodcliff hotel and spa, the Widewaters hotel and the Highgate hotel. There is also a position at the Hyatt for an Executive Sous chef.