What are the zoning regulations for changing a single family to multi family?

You may attempt to change zoning from single family to multi-family in one distinct way. However, if you are able to use the second method described below a change of zoning to achieve your goal is not necessary.

To change zoning you must fill out an application with with your local authority(ies) specifically requesting a change of zoning. The authority(ies) will walk you through the process. This process can be time consuming and expensive and there is no guarantee your request will be granted. The authority(ies) must be careful not to create a "spot zoning" issue by granting a favorable zoning change to you in an area completely surrounded by the property's current zoning designation.

The least expensive and least time consuming way is to attempt to fill an application with your local Zoning Hearing Board whereby you would request for a "use variance." A zoning change is not necessary because you are simply asking for the granting of your multi-family use in a single-family zoned area. These types of requests are granted regularly because this request avoids "spot zoning" illegalities and provides a loop-pole in those cases where the requested property has a hardship based on its current zoning. There is no guarantee the Zoning Hearing Board will grant you a favorable desicision. You must trust their authority in granting or denying your request.