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French Revolution

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Q: What are things Marie Antoinette did that had a positive effect on the French Revolution?
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Was the French Revolution an effect of the Industrial Revolution?

No. The French Revolution was not an effect of the industrial revolution. The French revolution occurred due to the anger of the masses against the despotic rule of the monarchs in France.

How did the storming of the Bastille effect the French Revolution?

It marks the beginning of the French Revolution.

How did the French Revolution affect the Indians?

Did you mean the French and Indian War? The French Revolution had no effect on American Indians

What effect did the French Revolution have on France and the World?

the french revolution changed the law of by which the people lived.

How did the America Revolution effect the French?

The French supported the American Revolution and that added to their National debt crisis.

Were there boats in the French Revolution?

Boats existed long before the French revolution and long before France, but the French revolution was not about boats, and boats didn't have any effect on it.

How did geography effect the French Revolution?


Did people's cultural differences cause the French revolution?

Indeed the cultural differences had a major effect on the french revolution but the economic and the social difference played a huge role in the french revolution as well.

Which revolution had a long lasting effect french or haitian?

Each had their own significance. On a world terms the French revolution had a greater impact.

How did the Embargo Act have a positive effect?

The embargo act had a positive effect because it cuts off supplies for british and french.

How did the French Revolution effect the king?

It ended his reign.

What was a positive effect of the Iranian revolution?

think about other revolutions which happened or may happen in other parts of worlds especially arabian revolution, we can see the signs of the positive effects of iranian revolution,

Describe the effect of the French revolution on women and daily life?

The French Revolution made it so women could inherit property, and get divorces.

How did Louis XV effect the French Revolution?

He built up some of the debt that caused the Revolution.

Did George Washington have a positive or negative effect on the US?

George Washington has a tremendously positive effect on the US. Without him, it is by no means certain the revolution would have succeeded .

One cause and effect of the french revolution of 1830?


How did the French Revolution effect the American politics?

It was a divisive issue.

An effect of the French Revolution?

The end of the absolute monarchy in France.

What effect does the french revolution have on us today?

it doesnt matter

What is the one effect of the french revolution?

Nationalistic feelings were stimulated.

One immediate effect long term effect of the French Revolution?

The absolute monarchy was ended.

What factors contributed to the French Revolution What effect did the revolution have on the system of government in France?

ask ms hamilton

Describe the effect of the French revolution on daily life?

French Revolution gave world the values liberty equality and fraternity. Everyone nedds these values in their lives.

How did enlightenment effect the French Revolution?

It inspired the French to over throw their government to protect their natural rights.

One political effect of the French Revolution?

The end of the absolute monarchy.