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it looks like their heads got smashed by a hammer. its head doesn't look like a hammer like those idiots said.

They mate like other sharks. If you don't know what shark mating looks like sorry for yu. I wont tell yu.

the stupidest mammal will have to be the Hammer head shark, it looks funny and it swims funny ... get your facts right, people. sharks are NOT mammals.

a hammer head shark is a shark that its Head looks like a hammer

There are many different types of sharks, each one looks different.

Well no but people say but no because there are garbege that looks like sharks but no i have the game

it looks like a slegde hammer

most prehistoric sharks looks more primitive than their modern cousins,and more bigger

A few things that could attract a shark to a human is blood (which can also cause a feeding frenzy) and a human paddling out to catch some waves (surfing) looks like a seal so that can also attract sharks, however sharks have a keen sense of smell so it is more likely that blood will attract sharks.

Leopard sharks are nocturnal. It looks like they sleep on the sandy bottom of the ocean during the day.

Its head looks like a sledge hammer

Some pretty strange things have been found in the bellies of tiger sharks, they don't actively seek out licesnse plates, but if they find one, and it looks somewhat like food, they may take a bite.

During swimming, finning is a type of movement. Finning is known as when the movement looks like a fish fin

It looks like the ocean because that is where it lives.

Not really, but when they open their mouths, sometimes it looks like they are smiling.

It depends where you are. It probably looks like a person swimming. It could be different though.

There could be many different symbols. It probably looks like a person swimming. It could be different though.

A gavel looks like a small ornate wooden hammer.

The hammer (that looks more like a mallet,) is in the HQ (or possibly the gadget room,) hanging on the wall in front of G.

It is swimming and looks like a mosquito larva!

Sharks are not carrion eaters; they do not eat things that have been dead for a while. Sharks will kill and eat other sharks, or anything else that looks like fresh food. So if a shark is killed, it will often be immediately consumed by other sharks, along with anything and everything else in the vicinity. Not necessarily true, there is evidence that certain sharks will eat carrion. It's been recorded that a group of Great Whites in South Africa consumed the good majority of a dead whale that they did not kill but were rather attracted to. The whale had beached itself and its carcass was later dragged away from the beach and left for the sharks.

Most sharks hatch from eggs that sometimes called, "mermaid's purse" because the egg looks almost like a purse. Some sharks have the eggs inside them, but some 'lay' eggs.

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