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What are things that make you sick when eaten?

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Most household cleaning products have chemicals that will make you vomit when swallowed. This is a safety precaution to prevent you from consuming enough of the product to harm you. That's a pretty wide spread of items! And open to personal preferences, too. Botulism e. Coli Heavily vinegared items can make me sick Badly washed salad will do it to me.

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Will cotton balls make you sick if you eat it?

Cotton balls are not meant to be eaten.

Can mice droppings make people sick?

If mice scat was eaten by a human, then yes, it can make people sick due to the bacteria that infests the scat.

What are some bad things about bacteria?

it can make you get sickothers can get sick from you being sickand others get sick from it

What part of the carrots can be eaten?

All of the carrot can be eaten but, if you eat the green leafy stuff at the top it may make you sick. Jewel Abdon

Can you give your dog expired treats?

Sometimes you can but i wouldn't because your dog could get sick just like us when we get sick because we have eaten expired things.

A medicine given to someone to make them sick when they have eaten something piosonous?

I think it's Epikak

Can cow manure kill humans?

Yes, it can kill you but it is not likely. If eaten it can make you extremely sick.

Will drywall mud make you sick if eaten?

Yes, it will. It doesn't taste very good either.

What can make you sick when you have cocain in your system?

The same things that would make you sick otherwise. I suggest you make a more specific question.

If you haven't eaten pork in a while can it make you sick if you start eating it again?

no. im a veggie and i havent eaten pork or any meat in 5 years.

Will pansies make a cat sick?

Enough of any plant can make a cat sick. Just because a cat eats a plant does not mean it will get sick. Vomiting (curly tongue) is an indication that a cat has eaten too much plant.

What are the Bad things about potassium?

it can make you oober sick

What are things that make people sick?

eating poo

Will raw pork make dogs sick if eaten?

With any raw meat fed to dogs, you are taking a large risk. They can get sick from it just like humans can.

How do you make dinasaurs sick?

As they are extinct there is no need to make them sick

I had eaten some grapes that had been in the fridge for a month can this make you sick?

if it has not browned or looks it is ok to eat after a month

If cooked salmon is left out over night then eaten can it make you sick?

Yes, you'll probably get salmonela and then die

What if you have eaten green potatoes?

you would get sick.

Why was the cat being sick?

There are afew different reasons why but the main two are these: cats sometimes eat things like hair, grass & other little things, they don't atually eat and, well poop it, they put it in their tummies so it can make themselves sick and basicly throw out all the bad things in their stomaches.But sometimes it just as normal as human illnesses, being sick, they might have just eaten some bad food or gaged.

Can eating a lizard make a cat sick?

If the lizard has eaten grass sprayed with pesticide, it is possible although not highly probable.

Will eating elm leaves make you sick?

According to some survivalists, American elm leaves can be eaten raw or cooked.

What makes plants sick?

There are a great many things that can make a plant sick. Plants can get diseases from insects for example.

Why do you feel sick after football conditioning?

Because you have worked your body so hard But mainly because you haven't eaten the right things before and immediately after

Why do i feel sick at morinig but still seeing my period every month?

There are many things that make you sick other then pregnancy.

How to become sick?

Dont eat and dont sleep. Think about things that make you nervous. Your stomache will be in circles and it will feel funny. Its not exactly "sick sick" but it does the trick.