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things that you can do to show a girl that you like her are many first of all to me it seems that eing honest is the first step i think that if you go up to a girl then she may see that you had the courage and you were brave enough to go up to her. little things would be like writing a note or asking for her number in order for her to have a clue that she has an admirer. Girls are very observant. Girls can tell when someone does something out of character... watch her. See what she likes to talk about and her hobbies. Ex: she likes watching Thursday night television. Watch one of the shows she likes and then the next day spark a convo with her. If you maintain this relationship she'll start to look at you as a potential... wgirls do that with EVERY one who enters their "personal" space after a while. Then UP the "game." After maybe a month or so ask which movie coming out would she like to see. Let her respond but DON'T ask her out just yet. Let the convo go, but then maybe the following week say something like, "Hey. That movie you wanted to see, have you seen it yet? No? Well I wanted to go and I can't get my friends to go see it. Wanna go together?" It stays mysterious and it doesn't make her feel like you're "asking her out." You know? (I know this is long) Next step... tell her about your OWN hobby or interest. Maybe you like cars, say, "You like watching the race games? No? Oh cuz they're coming up so I'm a bit excited." If she responds to keep this convo going up she probably likes you. If she says no and moves on or yes and moves on, she probably doesn't like you that way. But take time! I hope that helped!

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Q: What are things to do for a girl to show that you like her?
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What is the easiest way to get a girl to like you?

treat her well and show an interest in the things she likes to think and talk about.

How can you tell a girl you like her without saying it?

All you really have to do is show her that you care for her and you need to be thoughtful and compliment on things. Just try to show her what you feel for her and she will definitely know what you feel... its a girl thing!

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How do you get a guy to like you for more than a friend?

Show him things he is interested in that you can do, for example if he likes hotly girls be a godly girl.

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What should you do when a girl likes you but doesn't show you?

Well if she doesnt show you, then you really dont know if she does like you or not. Every girl gives even the subtlest hints that they like a guy. Look for the really little things, and if you dont notice a difference, dont jump to conclusions.

How do you get a girl to like?

show attention to her

How do you get to know a girl you like?

Talk to her and ask her about the things she likes and her opinion on things. once you get some one talking they love to keep talking especially if you show a genuine interest.

How do you get a girl to like me when im a girl too?

Theres a reason why girls like girls its because girls have things boys dont and sertant feelings so show her that you can be sensitive unlike most guys you will have alot in common

How do you get a girl to like you if she does not?

buy her things

How does a shy guy show a girl that he likes her?

You can show a girl that you like her by just constantly staring at her in classes. You can also show a girl that you like her by asking your friends to ask her if you like you. Aproach her and flirt it always works i can always tell when a boy likes me. .

What are things guys like to show off to girls when they like them?

I would have to say like their cheats and abs because their not old enough to show other things

How do you make any girl make out with you?

You need to show the girl respect as you don't make people do things.

How does a 10 year old boy impress a 10 year old girl?

They need to show the girl they care. Some ways to show that you care could be talking to her more, texting her (if they have cell phones) more, talking about things the girl likes. Be yourself. You shouldn't need to act like a different person to impress a girl. If she doesn't like you for who you are, maybe you should just be friends ;)

How can you show you love a pet?

you can do things like take him/her for a walk, petting him/her or doing simple things like talking to your pet to show that you love them

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What do you do when you really like a girl but don't know how they feel about you?

its best not to tell and try to get close to her like friends and do kind things for her. show who you really are. try to be funny. talk and ask her about herself. give her signals. something like that. just dont show a lot.

How can you show to a girl that you love her?

Tell her that you love her. Do fun things with her. Spend time with her. Buy her cute things.

People here tell me to be myself around a girl i like but how do i be myself what does it mean because i don't rlly knoe wt or how to be myself?

say hi, do you like a tv show? ask her what her favorite show is. talk about something you like, tell her things you like to do. (do you have friends? how are you around them?) Sit close to the girl and be quiet if you want to. You know you, she doesn't. What do you want her to know?

How do you find out when a girl doesn't like you?

You know a girl doesn't like you if they avoid you or say mean things about you behind your backs! You know a girl doesn't like you if they avoid you or say mean things about you behind your backs! You know a girl doesn't like you if they avoid you or say mean things about you behind your backs!

What are some romantic things you can do to get a girl to like you?

You can do alot of things to get a girl to like you. But the one thing for sure to get her attention is to show her that you have self confidence in yourself. Girls love guys that are really sure of themselves and have a high self esteem. It may sound crazy but the more you act like your not interested in her, the more she will become interested in you. But do not act too uninterested. Show her an intitial interest then sort of shy away from her. Eventually she will be sweating you.

What things do a boy like a girl to do to them?


How do you tell someone with a girlfriend you like them?

if you want to 'steal' the girl from him, do little things, they will little by little starting to like show her papers saying 'i love you' and give her flowers, without her boyfriend notices it

What doesnt Justin bieber like in a girl?

girls that like things like him.

What is a good poem a girl would like a guy to wright about her?

well they like things like you are so pretty and things