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What are things you can do to get insurance approval for lapband surgery faster?



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First of all, track your weight (groan) over the last years. Second - list ALL your health-issues and diagnoses (these are often called "co-morbidities). Many of these illnesses can be attributed to your weight, even if your doctor has not made the immediate connection. These can include: Diabetes or blood sugar issues, hypertension or high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma, shortness of breath, sleep apnea, sleep disturbances, heart conditions, back problems, knee and joint problems, chiropractic ailments, gynecological illnesses including hormonal trouble, PCOS and much more. Third - get Letters of Support from all your doctors from chiropractic, to family doctors or PCPs and even OB/Gyns, allergists, Ear Nose and Throat specialists etc. These letters don't have to say they recommend the LapBand (though it would be great) but they should say that losing significant weight would improve your health and illnesses in their clinical opinion. Get as many strong letters as you can. Submit them all with your weight history and list of illnesses. Along with your weight loss surgeon's file for you - this should help to speed up your surgery approval. Good Luck! I know these techniques work, first hand. --- From a Veteran & LapBander (Past Goal Weight) who has worked: insurance companies, doctors offices/clinics and the industry in general.